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“Unconditional Surrender” Surrenders

Left early on my way to lunch get together with two of my beautiful girl friends and decided to stop at Tuna Harbor next to the USS Midway Museum. The previous day the twenty-five foot “kissing statue” officially called “Unconditional Surrender” had been taken apart in preparation to be trucked back to New Jersey to …

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Masticating With Two Women

Met with my long-time friends, Sylvia and Lannie, at Rubio’s in Southbay for an early lunch. Wanted to try something new again so I had the Grilled Chile-Lime Wild Salmon Taco Plate with beans and rice. It tasted great but I think there were too many different bits and textures in the tacos that fought …

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Monarch The Third

As expected, our third Monarch Butterfly in as many days emerged today. Unfortunately, it decided to present itself while I was out at an early lunch with friends. I was able to get these shots earlier this morning before I left and you can clearly see that the chrysalis is clear and the Monarch’s colors …

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Two In A Row

As expected, and for the second day in a row, we had a Monarch emerge from its chrysalis. It was healthy and flew around the backyard after it had squeezed its body juices into its wings and stiffened up a bit. Also took a picture of what I believe will be the next one to …

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Royalty And The Reptile

Went out to take pictures of our latest emergent Monarch Butterfly. I ended up getting amazingly lucky (once again) because after a few minutes she dropped down from the potted plant she was a chrysalis on, and landed on an old tree stump near one of our resident lizards. With much care and a lot …

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The Cutting Of The Hairs

After we finished our Memorial Day dinner, Sylvia was accommodating enough, and still had enough energy, to give me a much-needed haircut. As with all the other haircuts through the last twenty eight years, I was very pleased with the result. I can finally take pictures without always pushing the hair from between my eyes …

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Kvetching About Spuds No More

Unlike the successfully rescued caterpillar named Houdini from a couple of days ago, this unfortunate Jerusalem Cricket (or Potato Bug) did not live to see another day of burrowing on the dirt. He was found next to the Tapias’ pool during our Memorial Day barbecuing, a bit wet, but looking none the worse for wear. …

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Memorial Barbecue

Drove down to Sylvia and Rodrigo’s house for a Memorial Day barbecue in their backyard. Sylvia’s parents also came by for the meet and greet and eat. Rodrigo was, of course, in charge of the actual barbecuing while Sylvia took care of the sautéed onions and mushrooms along with the other condiments. The hamburgers turned …

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Cats Again: Day Three Point Five

My final full day of house/cat-sitting for the neighbors. Very little of real interest happened. However, they have a cool, new wall clock.

A Caterpillar Saved

This morning as I was checking the water level in our bird baths and came across this poor, waterlogged, little guy who was floating upside down and not moving. He had swelled up quite a bit from soaking for who knows how long. I fished him out and right away placed him on my t-shirt …

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Cats Again: Day Two Point Five

My second full day of house/cat-sitting. This time I’m adding a few lesser quality cell phone shots that I sent to the neighbor whose house I’m staying at, just to show her that the cats are doing fine. The Four Peters is technically from late last night, but it was what I was watching when …

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Crocheted Mickey

My wonderful niece, Kimi, stopped by today to drop off a present she and her boyfriend RJ picked up for me on their last trip to Disneyland. She said that when she saw this crocheted Steamboat Mickey she knew right away that it belonged on my bed along with all my other friends, mostly Disney …

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Lunch At Phil’s With Old Friends

For the first time since my recent dental disaster I went to Phil’s BBQ to try me some chewin’ of the barbecue. And no, I didn’t eat alone. I met the Tapias there along with Mama and Papa Carvajal since it was Rodrigo’s idea in the first place. (He and Sylvia already wanted to go two days …

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Cats Again: Day One Point Five

Back house/cat-sitting for the neighbors. After spending the first of four nights, today was my first of three full and two half days. That sounds more confusing than it really is. The cats understand it, though.

Lecture On Killer Whales

This evening I attended a free lecture on Antarctic Killer Whales at the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park. It was presented by Robert Pitman and John Durban, two members of NOAA‘s Southwest Fisheries Science Center here in La Jolla. They were part of the BBC documentary team that travelled to the Antarctic to video …

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