A Caterpillar Saved

This morning as I was checking the water level in our bird baths and came across this poor, waterlogged, little guy who was floating upside down and not moving. He had swelled up quite a bit from soaking for who knows how long. I fished him out and right away placed him on my t-shirt to soak up as much water as I could, which wasn’t very easy with all his spiky hairs in the way. After a couple of minutes of holding him on my shirt in the sun, I placed him on a sunny corner of our backyard table where my mom has a bunch of potted plants.

He still never moved. His misfortune turned into a learning opportunity and so I got my camera to take some macro shots. Fifteen minutes later I checked on him and saw that he had actually moved about two inches and then stopped. There was hope. He also looked less puffy. I checked again fifteen minutes later and saw that he had crawled about a foot away towards the plants. Then I knew he would be ok. I checked one last time about forty-five minutes later and couldn’t even find him any more, which actually made me happy.

I think I shall call him Houdini and I will be known as his unlovely assistant.

Next week we will be “appearing” at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Tip your waitress.


Ready for his close-up.

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