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It Was A Dark And Cloudy Night…

Got this quick shot of our neighbor’s house during a full moon. This is where I sometimes house-sit with eight black cats and occasionally one black dog. Good thing I’m not superstitious.

The Fog

Beautiful, early morning fog, one day into my short house/cat-sitting stint for the neighbors. This is the milky view towards the canyon behind their house. Took a couple of hours to burn off and become a gorgeous, sunny day.

VS House-Sitting: Day Three

Other than the regular alien abduction and prerequisite probing, day three of house/pet-sitting for Heather brought no surprises. No cats disappeared, no birds flew away, no FBI agent knocked on the door, no two-foot wide tarantula crawled out from the fireplace, and no neighbor came over to “borrow a cup of sugar” from this virile …

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VS House-Sitting: Day Two

Started my second away-from-home day with getting some shots of both Gordon and Theo before they disappeared into the Chula Vista wilderness, a.k.a. the neighbors’ yards. Ended my day by partaking of some fantastic trifle that Heather had made for me to enjoy. I shared it with the Tapias when I visited with them. And …

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Fall Webworm Larva (Hyphantria Cunea)

As I was doing my daily watering while house-sitting at Heather’s house, I came across this Fall webworm larva (Hyphantria cunea) casually munching away on a large zucchini leaf. Since it is neither my plant, nor my problem (and partly because its such a cool looking insect), I left the caterpillar to keep eating away.

VS House-Sitting: Day One

Began my cat/house-sitting stint in Chula Vista for the Vander Schurrs. Since I didn’t really have much time for taking pictures of either Theo or Gordon, I decided to try something different: one anonymous hiding behind my camera shot showing way too many fingers, the other of me being a silly, emotive model. At least …

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Back Home And Cheap Food

Took Lilo and Stitch to pick up their parents, Rodrigo and Sylvia, after a late night arrival at the airport to officially end their first-ever trip to Hawaii. The dogs were so good and patient as we sat in the cell phone lot waiting for the “we’re out on the curb waiting to be picked …

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Tapia House-Sitting: Day Six

Lilo was feeling so much better when we got up this morning. Although she was still being very careful about not jumping around like she normally does, she seemed not to be in any pain. She was even sleeping upside down on her back. Plus, her appetite had returned with a vengeance so I decided …

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Tapia House-Sitting: Day Five

After the nerve-wrecking morning with Lilo at the vet, the remainder of the day was spent very calmly and quietly resting. Lilo slept the remainder of the day on the mattresses I placed on the floor in the living room so she wouldn’t have to jump up on anything. Stitch really didn’t seem to mind …

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Lilo At The Vet

So on day five of house/dog-sitting for the Tapias while they were enjoying a much-needed trip to Hawaii, something unfortunate happened to poor little Lilo. After jumping off the bed she yelped in pain and seemed a bit afraid to move very much. I couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with her but noticed she was …

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Tapia House-Sitting: Day Three

My day started off with a fantastic blueberry muffin for breakfast. (For what happened after that please see my other blog posts about going to the Zoo with Heather (work in progress), lunch at Phil’s and the Venus Transit.) The evening brought a nice surprise in the form of a video chat with Sylvia and …

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Tapia House-Sitting: Day Two

My day started off with a breakfast of champions: a bowl of Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch, Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios, all mixed together in a Kellogg’s cereal bowl. Watching the dogs was more enjoyable today since I stayed here all day. They did come out with me a few times, …

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Cats Again: Day Three Point Five

My final full day of house/cat-sitting for the neighbors. Very little of real interest happened. However, they have a cool, new wall clock.

Cats Again: Day Two Point Five

My second full day of house/cat-sitting. This time I’m adding a few lesser quality cell phone shots that I sent to the neighbor whose house I’m staying at, just to show her that the cats are doing fine. The Four Peters is technically from late last night, but it was what I was watching when …

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Cats Again: Day One Point Five

Back house/cat-sitting for the neighbors. After spending the first of four nights, today was my first of three full and two half days. That sounds more confusing than it really is. The cats understand it, though.

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