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Voting The Disney Way

Spent a little time online proxy voting my six Disney shares for the Board of Directors (of which I voted for all ten members), two company-introduced proposals, against two two shareholder proposals and one ratification for the company’s accounting firm. Would be nice if they gave me an annual pass discount for re-electing them back …

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Crocheted Mickey

My wonderful niece, Kimi, stopped by today to drop off a present she and her boyfriend RJ picked up for me on their last trip to Disneyland. She said that when she saw this crocheted Steamboat Mickey she knew right away that it belonged on my bed along with all my other friends, mostly Disney …

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Sleeping Beauty Castle Painting

This has always been one of my favorite pieces of Disney artwork depicting Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. It was on an appreciation certificate from 1960.

Tapias House Sitting Day Three

So today was a really rainy day which meant I was stuck inside. Didn’t really mind though since I had fun with Lilo and Stitch, including Lilo helping me get the mail and Stitch playing tug-a-war with his shredded, pink monkey. I also took a bunch more pictures, got updates about WonderCon from Randy, and …

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Surprise Calendar Addition

So, when I renewed my D23 (Disney) membership a while back I didn’t realize that they would send me a 23-month calendar as a gift. That makes 25 total that I need to change ever month now. Not complaining though. It was a nice surprise. Each month has wonderful concept artwork from various Disney movies …

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A Man Named Candy

It’s no wonder Disney used this guy for voice talent. Different times back then but I still appreciate his abilities. From Walt Disney’s “Peter Pan”: 13 What Made The Red Man Red _ Tinknapped

Muppets At D23

As part of the 2011 Disney Legends presentations at this year’s D23 Expo, Jim Henson’s son Brian, along with his wife, Jane, performed a sketch that I’m pretty sure his parents made famous on the Ed Sullivan Show many years ago. So hilarious and it brought back my memories of watching it on television. While …

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D23 Expo: Day Three

Final day of D23. Detailed info when I return.

D23 Expo: Day Two

Detailed info when I return. Just know that it was awesome.

D23 Expo: Day One

Drove up to Anaheim with Lannie for the start of our three-day Disney adventure known to Disney fans around the world as the D23 Expo! ┬áThink Comic-Con for Disney geeks. It was an amazing first day, starting with attending the Disney Legends Ceremony, seeing the panel for “It’s A Small World: Celebrating 45 Years,” and …

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Got My D23 Expo Pass!

Bought my three-day pass today for the upcoming D23 Expo in August. If it’s anything like the one from two years ago I will have a great time. Not nearly as crowded or stressful as Comic Con, but also not nearly as many programs or panels. But this time I’m going for all three days …

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Tangled Soundtrack Is Finally Mine

Purchased the Tangled soundtrack from iTunes instead of Amazon because of the higher sound quality and the digital songbook which turned out to be pretty cool.

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