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The Last Two

After ten days of taking the antibiotic Amoxicillin for my gum infections, I am finally down to the last two. They did their job well, but they will not be missed.

Christina Is Six Years Cancer Free

My friend Christina, along with her mom, Maureen, drove down from Monrovia for her annual oncology check-up. After surviving breast cancer six years ago she is still free of the disease. One more year of no cancer and she would then graduate to no more yearly check-ups. In celebration of her good news my mom and I …

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House No More

Watched the House retrospective as well as the series finale with some sadness because of how much I really enjoyed this show. I will absolutely miss this series. With the retrospective, it’s always cool to see the natural interaction between the actors when they’re not performing on camera. I’m glad they interviewed as many cast …

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Solar Eclipse

Drove down to Chula Vista to watch today’s almost total solar eclipse from the Tapias’ house. Last week they had picked up a couple of eclipse viewing glasses from the San Diego Astronomy Society in Balboa Park. We used those to watch the eclipse and take pictures through. Had to wait a couple of hours …

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Second Meeting For Comic Fest

After leaving the Safari Park I drove straight to Twiggs on Adams Avenue for my second meeting of organizers/volunteers of the upcoming first ever Comic Fest in October here in San Diego. This time my drink of choice was a fine 16 oz. bottle of Wisconsin’s own Sprecher‘s fire-brewed gourmet Cream Soda made with Wisconsin …

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1940 Packard

While driving on the freeway down to the Tapias’ house to watch the solar eclipse, I drove passed this beautiful, customized 1940 Packard Coupe heading south on I-805. Just don’t ask how I got this shot.

Gone For Seven Years

Today is the seventh anniversary of my father’s passing in 2005. His ashes are ashes, from dusk to dusk.

Starbucks Time

After spending more time in Burlington than I wanted, I walked across Clairemont Square with my mom to sit outside of Starbucks while enjoying some of their delicious coffee. We also picked up some still-warm, used ground coffee for her garden. Nice way to spend a relaxing, people-watching half hour.

My Favorite Store I Don’t Like

Spent some time over at a Burlington Coat Factory this morning looking for a present for Randy and Michaelle’s one year-old son birthday on Saturday. I almost always find something there that’s priced pretty well, but I usually have to do some searching since it’s a bit unorganized. The 12-24 month boys section had both …

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Annual Aortic Aneurism Activity

Took my mom for her yearly CT scan of the aortic aneurism that was discovered a few years ago and which the doctors have been keeping a very close eye on for any changes. While we won’t get these test results for a couple of days yet, so far it has stayed stable which, other …

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Mami’s Birthday: Evening Edition

My older brother, Ozzie, and my sister, Beata, along with her husband, Bill, came over for dinner this evening to celebrate my mom’s 81st birthday. Beata had come over a bit earlier to help with the decorating and the making of the crepes (palacsinta, to be more precise). Dinner was one of my all-time favorite meals, which …

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Mami’s Birthday: Midday Edition

Took my mom walking at SeaWorld to continue her birthday celebration. I first went to Guest Services to get her a birthday button but they were out of them. Instead they gave her a voucher for a complimentary feeding tray at the seals and sea lions, which I thought was pretty cool. Inside the entrance we …

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Mami’s Birthday: Morning Edition

My niece, Kimi, came over this morning to have breakfast with my mom for her 81st birthday. She brought some flowers and a few blueberry Eggos (which my mom always likes) and I had some cream of wheat (which I really like) because of my residual dental issues from a few day ago. It was …

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Amoxicillin Alert

Today I begin my two pills, twice a day regimen of the antibiotic, Amoxicillin. It was prescribed for the painful dual tooth infections I’m dealing with at the moment. Soft foods, antibiotics, Motrin and ice packs. Could be worse. I could have diarrh…I’ll be right back.

Surprise Visit

Had a really nice surprise visit this Mother’s Day from my best friends Sylvia and Rodrigo, who brought Lilo and Stitch with them to sniff and run around the backyard a bit. They were thoughtful enough to bring us milkshakes from Jack-In-The-Box since I couldn’t chew anything solid because of my tooth problems. They also …

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