Royalty And The Reptile

Went out to take pictures of our latest emergent Monarch Butterfly. I ended up getting amazingly lucky (once again) because after a few minutes she dropped down from the potted plant she was a chrysalis on, and landed on an old tree stump near one of our resident lizards.

With much care and a lot of patience I was able to capture them right next to each other from about a foot away. My back was complaining from being bent over for too long, my head and arm were complaining about being pricked by the needles of a small pine tree I was hiding behind and my left eye was complaining about being scrunched close while my right eye was staring intently through my camera’s viewfinder.

But, as always, it was worth the effort.

And this female was the first of five going to emerge. I can already tell that tomorrow we’ll see another one, and then the last three will start turning dark in preparation for their introduction to our world.

The lizard, being a bit hard to see, is on the right.

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