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A Year Out From New Mexico

A year ago today my mom and I entered New Mexico, and eventually Los Alamos, to spend a few days with my brother, Tom and my nephew, Alex. Sorry, Dr. Tom. And while I’m at it, Mr. Alex. Since it’s been a year, it’s time to start making plans for a return trip. Maybe in …

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Tooth Or Consequences

After making an appointment for an emergency dental appointment and just trying to survive with pain for the day, I arrived for my late night appointment with Dr. Pantangco at On Demand Dentist. Thank the maker for such a 24/7 business of emergency toothache relief. His office was very modern and high-tech with me filling …

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That Chick Called Phoebe

Both of the Phoebe chicks that have been tweeting away in a nest on the north side of our house for a few weeks, finally flew the coop today. One of them landed in the pine tree outside our front door. I cracked open the door long enough to take a few shots of it …

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Rose Garden Reconnaissance

Drove down to Balboa Park to check out the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden as a possible location for our family’s surprise get together in a few days for a combined Mother’s Day/birthday party for my mom. What was supposed to be a quick recon and walk-through turned into more than on an hour …

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Meanwhile, Back At The Doctor…

Took my mom for a follow up visit with her doctor. Even though they have a few examination rooms, we ended up in the exact same one as the last one from five days ago. All test results show that she’s doing fine. Back pains she was suffering from was probably just muscular, not unlike …

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Looking To Cocoon

Found this Monarch larva in the backyard hanging from a metal stand as it was searching for a solid spot from which to start the process of transforming into a chrysalis. I was lucky I shot it when I did because later it was gone.

First Ever Zoo Photographer’s Meet-up

Had our very first meet-up of photographers who enjoy taking shots at the San Diego Zoo and posting their photos on Flickr, where I also created a group for us. I arrived at the Zoo a bit early so I could get together with Rick Schwartz, the Zoo’s Ambassador, and talk to him about where …

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Super Moon 2012

Got some decent shots with a damaged telephoto lens of the Super Moon tonight. I’m just glad it wasn’t overcast or cloudy like it always seems to be whenever we have a meteor shower. Full Moon at perigee: approximately 221,800 miles at 8:34 pm PT. 14% larger, 30% brighter, and 22% more Lycan.

The Avengers – The Best

Went to see The Avengers today (opening day) with Sylvia and Rodrigo. Came away convinced that this was absolutely, hands down, the best superhero movie ever made. Joss Whedon has proven his big-budget movie-making genius. Action, drama, dialogue, humor, pathos…this movie had it correct in spades. Wonder Woman, schmunder woman. He should be extremely proud …

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Juvenile Skink

Came across this beautiful, juvenile skink by the garage back door mat. It was pretty skittish so I slowly sat down and patiently waited until it came back out from underneath the mat. I think it was worth the wait.

Short Notice Doctor Visit

Took my mom to see Dr. Boluw (temporarily filling in for Dr. Romero) this afternoon after a few days of suffering from mysterious and intermittent back pains. Dr. Boluw was very patient (oxymoron?), friendly and thorough with her questions. She even ordered a couple of x-rays, which we took care of right afterwards. Hopefully it …

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Tigers Pinned To Win

Created a “Pin It For Tigers” pinboard on Pinterest for a chance to win a behind-the-scenes close-up encounter with large “cats” at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park for the park’s 40th anniversary. Right away went looking for and found some amazing images of tigers to pin from around the world. Wish me luck.

The Internet Continues To Change The World

This afternoon I watched a live, fifteen minute address by President Obama. That alone is nothing extraordinary and it doesn’t matter whether I agreed with him or not. What I found to be absolutely amazing is that I was watching the President of the United States speaking live on my computer from Bagram, Afghanistan, a …

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Star Wars on the Organ

Finally edited and uploaded to YouTube the video I captured on my cell phone of the closing credits theme to Star Wars: A New Hope performed at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park here in San Diego. It was recorded during the Earth Fair festival on Earth Day, April 22. It sounded much better …

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