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Lost A Baby, Helped A Baby

After losing the Phoebe chick this morning my day was a bit of a downer. Later in the day we found a juvenile alligator lizard inside the house just resting on the kitchen floor. I didn’t want anything to happen to this little fellow. It had already lost its tail once and was in the …

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Nature’s Unfortunate Side

Today I watched a Phoebe chick die. Yesterday afternoon, while I was busy enjoying my annual visit to the San Diego County Fair with Rodrigo and Sylvia, I got a call from my mom saying that she found two Phoebe chicks on the ground after they had fallen about eight from their nest under a …

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Breakfast With Harriet

Met my long-time friend and one-time client, Harriet, for breakfast at the Encinitas Cafe in, of all places, Encinitas. She had chosen the restaurant because it had been a few years since she’d been there and she remembered it fondly. I liked the history behind the place. From their website: “The Encinitas Cafe has been …

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Maria Rose

Got a nice shot of my mom with one of her prized rose bushes. All of a sudden it started to grow by leaps and bounds with rosebuds sprouting from almost every new stalk, and this made her very happy. Wouldn’t be surprised if she turns this into a rose tree.

First Onsite Meeting For Comic Fest 2012

Our fifth staff/volunteer meeting was held for the first time at the location of where Comic Fest is actually going to take place, the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in Mission Valley. The meeting started at 2:00 and was held in the upper floor Garden Salon Two above the Garden Ballroom. Each meeting …

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Night Skies

Stunning new time-lapse video with some really cool ways of displaying segments and detail information. T-RECS – Night Skies from T-Recs (Timelapse Recordings) on Vimeo.

Three More Food Expert Titles

So today I was notified that I became a Silver Expert in Mexican Food and Tacos, as well as a Bronze Expert in Barbecue on Foodspotting. I am appreciative of the recognition but find this a bit puzzling since I haven’t posted anything on Foodspotting since the middle of May, and that was a shrimp …

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Bigboote’s Birthday

Today is my younger brother, Tommy’s, birthday. He was born in 1960. That makes him 52 years old. He is now a very successful pediatrician in New Mexico. Through a bizarre series of quantum causality time-shift events he was teleported back in time to Banning, California in the early 60s and is now a patient …

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Familiar Dinner

Had a chunk of the family over for dinner tonight, including my older brother, his daughter and my sister. My mom made delicious Hungarian gulyás (goulash) but with rice added for some extra thickness. First time I’ve had it this way but I liked it. Another first: my sister brought over three tiny watermelon looking …

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VS House-Sitting: Day Three

Other than the regular alien abduction and prerequisite probing, day three of house/pet-sitting for Heather brought no surprises. No cats disappeared, no birds flew away, no FBI agent knocked on the door, no two-foot wide tarantula crawled out from the fireplace, and no neighbor came over to “borrow a cup of sugar” from this virile …

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Tapias’ Garden Harvest

I was at the Tapias’ house when they harvested some vegetables from their amazingly fast-growing garden. The bounty included three Cherokee Purple tomatoes and four pickling cucumbers. Even Lilo, who showed amazing self-control since she absolutely loves tomatoes, joined in on the home-grown excitement.

VS House-Sitting: Day Two

Started my second away-from-home day with getting some shots of both Gordon and Theo before they disappeared into the Chula Vista wilderness, a.k.a. the neighbors’ yards. Ended my day by partaking of some fantastic trifle that Heather had made for me to enjoy. I shared it with the Tapias when I visited with them. And …

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New MacBook Pro For Sylvia

Finally, after many frustrating attempts to complete some graphically intense projects, Sylvia got her new 13 inch MacBook Pro. Her old, refurbished iMac crashed and rebooted one too many times, usually just before she saved her work. And today it came to a head. Rodrigo and I visited a local Apple Store to pick up …

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Fall Webworm Larva (Hyphantria Cunea)

As I was doing my daily watering while house-sitting at Heather’s house, I came across this Fall webworm larva (Hyphantria cunea) casually munching away on a large zucchini leaf. Since it is neither my plant, nor my problem (and partly because its such a cool looking insect), I left the caterpillar to keep eating away.

VS House-Sitting: Day One

Began my cat/house-sitting stint in Chula Vista for the Vander Schurrs. Since I didn’t really have much time for taking pictures of either Theo or Gordon, I decided to try something different: one anonymous hiding behind my camera shot showing way too many fingers, the other of me being a silly, emotive model. At least …

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