“Unconditional Surrender” Surrenders

Left early on my way to lunch get together with two of my beautiful girl friends and decided to stop at Tuna Harbor next to the USS Midway Museum. The previous day the twenty-five foot “kissing statue” officially called “Unconditional Surrender” had been taken apart in preparation to be trucked back to New Jersey to be refurbished. It had been on only temporary loan to the City of San Diego and unfortunately its time was up.

So I stopped to take some pictures thinking the section would already be on the trucks ready to leave. I was completely surprise to find that while the statue was in pieces, they were just lying on the grass and not on the trucks. I called my friends and told them I might be a little late.

I stayed around as long as I could taking pictures of the giant crane lifting the sections onto the waiting flatbeds. I missed a few in between moments when I left for the get together but immediately came back after lunch to finish taking pictures of the operation.

I talked to both drivers and learned that it was going to take about four days to drive cross country. Also learned that the statue, while having a steel internal support structure, was mainly made from carved foam with a hard outer shell coating.

It was a sad thing to see the pieces leave on the two trucks, but I’m really looking forward to the same-sized painted bronze replacement arriving in December.

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