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A Shot In The Arm

My resilient mom getting her annual, high-dose flu shot. I have another shot of her grimacing but it was mostly in fun. A short while later she was enjoying her beloved grilled cheese sandwich from the surprisingly good hospital cafeteria. (I had grilled salmon in a mustard sauce.)

Fungus And Blood

Back again at Perlman, this time to have a large red spot on one of my mom’s frontal fat bags checked by Dr. Gupta, a very nice, young doctor who has fat bags of her own. This time it was her nurse, Princess, who took my mom’s vitals. Yes, her name really was Princess. Absolutely …

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Checking Mami’s Bones and Boobs

Drove my mom to her double appointments today, first for a bone density test followed immediately by an annual mammogram, fortunately both in the same office in the Moores Cancer Center building in La Jolla. After successfully completing her two exams we once again went to The Cove, Thornton Hospital’s really good cafeteria. This time …

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Proof of Brain

Drove my mom to a scheduled brain MRI today at Thornton. It almost didn’t happen because after we checked in and the nurse saw that I had written down that my mom previously had heart valve replacement surgery. They needed to know the make and model of the valve to make certain the powerful magnet …

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Coffee Break With My Mom

After my morning flu shot I took my mom to a local Starbucks to get her out and into public a bit. She really enjoys these types of easy, social outings. We also split a slice of their always delicious lemon loaf cake that goes so well with coffee. With all of her recent medical …

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Scannning A CAT

Took my mom to get a CT scan of her aortic aneurism to make sure it hasn’t changed since her last check. Since it was so close to Halloween there were a lot of spooky decorations around the hospital. It was cool they did this but seeing a black skeleton hanging on a door may …

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A Flu Shot, A Blood Draw, A Breakfast And An Iron Lung

My day started out with taking my mom to get a flu shot at the Perlman Medical Offices at UCSD Thornton Hospital, where her primary care doctor has his office. The inoculation was administered by a very friendly female doctor who we’d never seen before. Except for a bit of waiting in the reception area, …

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Bill’s Birthday Bash

Had all the local family members come over to the house for a belated birthday dinner for my sister’s husband, Bill, who turned muffled mumble. The meal consisted of a Hungarian stew/sauce (usually we make it with beef but this time my mom made it with chicken per Beata’s request for Bill) that gets poured …

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B’s Birthday Bash

A big chunk of our local family members gathered for a dinner in honor of my sister, Beata, whose (mumble)th birthday we were celebrating. Dinner consisted of two types of pizzas, one meat-covered and one veggie that were generously supplied by my nephew Stephen and his girlfriend Jeri, along with some side dishes of beans, …

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Hot Dog Kind Of Day

To give National Hot Dog Day some meaning and importance I visited one of the two Chula Vista Costcos with my friends, Sylvia y Rodrigo, to partake of the tasty, but terribly named food item. But first I had to try out one of the comfy, reclining chairs they were selling inside across from the …

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Pinestrawappleberry Cake

My mom’s first ever attempt at baking a pineapple cake from a recipe she found online. She added a layer of strawberry jam in the middle and fresh strawberries on top. It tasted pretty good, but just became really thick and heavy. It never really rose in the first place. Was a good first try, …

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Galley Lunch With Bryan

After this morning’s Flamingo Fest photo group meet-up at the San Diego Zoo, I got together with my friend Bryan (who was also at the meet-up) to enjoy a Father’s Day lunch at The Galley at the Marina in Chula Vista. Since his family was out of town and my father stopped being a few …

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Birthday Dinner With Comic Fest Friends

A group of us Comic Fest committee members along with spouses/significant others met for a birthday dinner for Fest organizer and Comic-Con co-founder, Mike Towry and his son, Ryan, at Filippi’s Pizza Grotto in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego. After more than a dozen of us (which eventually grew to nineteen) nudged our …

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Cat Scratch Followup

Took my mom for a followup doctor visit to check on her cat scratch wound from last Saturday. After waiting only about five minutes we were ushered into one of the exam rooms by a polite and very friendly new nurse named Regina who basically narrated everything she did, including which buttons she clicked on …

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Slightly Belated Birthday Dinner

All the members of my San Diego family gathered for a belated birthday dinner for me this evening. They included my mom, of course, two siblings, a nephew, his girlfriend, my favorite niece and a brother-in-law. There were no gifts, as is always my want. (Lisa! But thanks for the poop calendar.) This was the …

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