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Golden Rule Award

Golden Rule Award and Letter

When I arrived at work this morning I was greeted by a supervisor asking me to meet him in the admin office, but he got busy and told me to wait in the break room. There were quite a few people already there along with the warehouse’s assistant general manager. After a few minutes of …

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Presidential Takeoff

I knew President Obama was going to be leaving San Diego around 1:00 so I started watching live local news video feeds from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on my computer. Watched him greet some people and then board Air Force One. Once the aircraft started moving I switched over to my iPhone and Twitter to continue watching …

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A Shot In The Arm

My resilient mom getting her annual, high-dose flu shot. I have another shot of her grimacing but it was mostly in fun. A short while later she was enjoying her beloved grilled cheese sandwich from the surprisingly good hospital cafeteria. (I had grilled salmon in a mustard sauce.)

Planning For Comic Fest 2016

Monthly meeting of the San Diego Comic Fest organizing committee. Planning all things awesome for February, 2016.

I, And My iPhone, Have Arrived

After waiting for eight years, and two days after ordering it from a local T-Mobile store, my much anticipated iPhone 5s finally arrived in a larger than expected, unassuming brown package.   Then came the unboxing, which produced a smaller than expected iPhone 5s box.   Opening the box, I could hear an angelic choir …

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Ordering My iPhone…FINALLY!

Ever since Steve Jobs announced Apple’s iPhone during his keynote at Macworld on January 7, 2006, it has been the one piece of electronic equipment I’ve been craving more than any other. Today, more than eight years later (really?) I am finally putting in my order for one. At first I waited because I was …

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Dr. Gupta, Revisited

Had to return to see Dr. Gupta so she could look at my mom’s fungal infection again after my mom started developing a rash from the cream that was prescribed. Dr. Gupta said that the original infection already looked much better but that my mom somehow become infected with a different kind of yeast infection …

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Much Needed First Haircut Of The Year

Went to see Sylvia, my best friend for the last thirty years, to get my first haircut of the year. She does such a great job each time that afterwards I usually even forget that I have hair.

Fungus And Blood

Back again at Perlman, this time to have a large red spot on one of my mom’s frontal fat bags checked by Dr. Gupta, a very nice, young doctor who has fat bags of her own. This time it was her nurse, Princess, who took my mom’s vitals. Yes, her name really was Princess. Absolutely …

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Piping Plover Project Presentation

Attended a wildlife lecture at the headquarters of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, my first time there, adjacent to SeaWorld here in San Diego. It was jointly presented by the San Diego chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers and the Avicultural Society of America. The presentation dealt with the Piping Plover‘s critical habitat recovery …

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Voting For A Mayor Of The Non-Harrassing Kind

Today was the day San Diegans like me voted for a replacement mayor after the disgusting and rubber-faced Bob Filner was forced to resign late last year amidst multiple allegations of sexual harassment and for having a creepier smile than the Joker. Voters had a choice between David Alvarez, the Democratic candidate for the people, …

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The Future Of Treating Cancer As A Manageable Disease

I nervously attended a lecture at The Scripps Institute in La Jolla on the future of cancer treatment grandly titled, “Are We on the Way to Curing Cancer in the Era of Genomics and Proteomics?”. At first I was worried I wouldn’t understand it at all. Wearing shorts and a nice t-shirt while walking alongside …

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Frozen Facial

Drove my mom to another doctor appointment this morning to have them check a couple of suspicious patches of skin on her face. To me they looked guilty. The patches, not the doctor or his staff. And by staff I mean his receptionist and nurses. There was a little time between when the nurse took …

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Biodiversity In Baja California

Attended what turned out to be a really entertaining presentation about a multidisciplinary expedition to Sierra Cacachilas in Mexico’s Baja California Sur by some of the staff from the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park here in San Diego. The trip occurred last October and November but only recently has the team been …

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Loud And Slow, And Lighter Than Air

Sitting at my computer by an open window every day I get to learn the sounds of all the regular aircraft that fly over the house. Matter of fact there’s one going by right now as I write this post. Airliners, sightseeing biplanes and small, personal planes, along with Coast Guard, military, police and news …

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