Lunch At Phil’s With Old Friends

For the first time since my recent dental disaster I went to Phil’s BBQ to try me some chewin’ of the barbecue. And no, I didn’t eat alone. I met the Tapias there along with Mama and Papa Carvajal since it was Rodrigo’s idea in the first place. (He and Sylvia already wanted to go two days ago but they waited until I could join them. Such friends as these…)

I ordered a quarter chicken dinner with sides of beans and potato salad, all of which were really good. And I had almost no problems whatsoever with all that juicy and messy masticating. (Wipe that smile, Lisa.) It tasted as good as I remembered and I didn’t get a single drop on myself. (Your smile as well, Heather.) I needed a bit more moistness to my meat so Rodrigo was nice enough to share some of his sauce with me.

I give up.


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    • Lisa on May 27, 2012 at 16:25
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    Well honestly how could I not laugh at those… you set up your tale so nicely. Glad you could enjoy some meat with your friends!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I was truly missing the satisfaction that meat can offer.

    • Heather on June 2, 2012 at 07:31
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    Glad you guys had a nice time there. We should do a photo morning this week & if your tooth is up for it, head to phils for lunch.

    1. Thanks, Heather. Can’t go there without thinking of you and Mary. Maybe it’s because of the saucy pork. And yes, I would really like to do a photo morning and lunch, teeth be darned.

  1. It was BBQ sauce, nothing else!

    1. Thanks for clearing that up.

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