Fungus And Blood

Back again at Perlman, this time to have a large red spot on one of my mom’s frontal fat bags checked by Dr. Gupta, a very nice, young doctor who has fat bags of her own.

This time it was her nurse, Princess, who took my mom’s vitals. Yes, her name really was Princess. Absolutely no pressure on her when her parents named her that. (By the way, in my own opinion…they probably should have given her a different name.)

They gave my mom a gown to put on and asked her to remove everything above the waist. When Dr. Gupta came in examine her I stood behind some curtains so that I could still help answer any questions the doctor had. Almost immediately she told my mom that it was a fungal infection and it could easily be taken care of with some antifungal cream, which Dr. Gupta put in a prescription for.

After the exam we walked over to the lab for a scheduled blood draw for my mom so Dr. Romero could check her levels like he usually does. That took maybe ten minutes.

Then we casually meandered over to the main Hospital building to have breakfast at The Cove where I ordered the vegetarian omelet, but with bacon bits that the chef talked me into. That was a good omelet.

Next stop…CVS, to pick up some tough actin’ Tinactin…generic style.


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