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Golden Rule Award

Golden Rule Award and Letter

When I arrived at work this morning I was greeted by a supervisor asking me to meet him in the admin office, but he got busy and told me to wait in the break room. There were quite a few people already there along with the warehouse’s assistant general manager. After a few minutes of …

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After my lunch with Terry and Lorena at Lil’ Pepper, I went back to Multi Image one last time to check out what they had in their warehouse that they were looking to get rid of. Most of the good stuff was unfortunately already gone or spoken for. This would be my very last visit …

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Worked on one of the photos I took yesterday during Mary’s mom and stepdad’s wedding.

Website Design

Spent the day working on updating my brother’s website and patient forms.

My Label for Harriet’s Wine Is Famous

The label Harriet asked me to make for her home-made wine was shown on a news segment on the local CBS station.  

Baby Animal Layout

Sylvia worked on a look for the baby animal prints I will be making for Tommy’s office while Lilo looked on and Stitch snoozed.

Working On Multiple Images

Back at Multi Image Productions again for a full day’s work.

My Kind Of Business Meeting

Started my day by meeting with a client this morning at Starbucks. Had me my regular Tall Decaf Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel. And a slice of Lemon Loaf cake. And a shoe cameo.

Future Newsletter Subscription

To plan for the future, I signed up with a free online subscription service for my eventual newsletter at Now I will be able to send info out, as well as pull people in.

Let Others Do The Invoicing

Signed up for a free online invoice managing service with

Tedious Past Two Days

Spent the last two days of my house-sitting in Chula Vista working on extracting football players from 46 photos. Just as boring and tedious as it sounds. Missed a trip to the Zoo, another one to Old Town and at least three good meals because of it.

Additional Teacher Photos

Took some more teacher talking action shots at a Best Western in National City.

New Header For #400

For my 400th blog post I remodeled my official website page header. Never was completely satisfied with the old one. I used new software called Art Text 2 to create the header text.

MIPing Once More

Just a half day today.

Back At MIP Again…

Yep, went back to Multi Image for two hours this afternoon to go over some more comments and critiques about my work with a client. She finally liked most of it. This must end soon. Cuz tomorrow I have to go back.

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