Frozen Facial

Drove my mom to another doctor appointment this morning to have them check a couple of suspicious patches of skin on her face. To me they looked guilty. The patches, not the doctor or his staff. And by staff I mean his receptionist and nurses.

There was a little time between when the nurse took my mom’s vitals (bringing them back when she was done with them) and when Dr. Romero came in, so I spent the extra time studying the wall chart of muscle structures of the anus and rectum. I may need to have my inferior rectal valve checked if the doctor can get past my anorectal line.

Dr. Romero came in, we exchanged pleasantries, he asked my mom the usual questions about her general health, periodically looking at me for the answers that he couldn’t get from her, and then proceeded to freeze her face. At least small portions of her face that appeared to be pre-cancerous.

Unfortunately no cafeteria visit on this trip.


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