Golden Rule Award

When I arrived at work this morning I was greeted by a supervisor asking me to meet him in the admin office, but he got busy and told me to wait in the break room. There were quite a few people already there along with the warehouse’s assistant general manager. After a few minutes of waiting the AGM asked for everyone’s attention and began awarding employees who either received awards of recognition or had anniversaries. When they announced “Pete” receiving the Golden Rule Award I honestly thought they meant another employee who actually goes by “Pete”. (I don’t.) But then they asked how to spell my last name and it was me. The award represents Costco’s philosophy of “putting yourself in the member’s place” and it came with a signed letter of appreciation from a vice president. Apparently I helped a member who was having a really bad day back in February. I didn’t expect all the clapping from the other employees and made sure to clap loudly for everyone else who also got recognized.

It felt nice to be appreciated.

Golden Rule Award and Letter
Golden Rule Award and Letter

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