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Infiniti…Not So Much

The very last photos of our ironically-named 1994 Infiniti G20. I was able to drive it as far as our mechanic before it overheated following a Comic Fest meeting in Tierrasanta, a drive of about ten miles. The car, while looking ok, had become so dangerous to drive with all its structural, mechanical, electrical and …

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Fly No More

Started my Independence Day on a really down note. My neighbor sent a text, asking me to check on a bird she found in her front yard before I headed out for the day. She said it seemed to be hurt. By the time I got there (less than half an hour later), I found …

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Back At Tune Craft…Again

Had to take the car back to our mechanic at Tune Craft yet again to get ongoing problems taken care of. Second time in about a month after a long string of repairs. The car has been a bit of a lemon since the beginning, but it’s kind of stuck in the middle of that …

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Nature’s Unfortunate Side

Today I watched a Phoebe chick die. Yesterday afternoon, while I was busy enjoying my annual visit to the San Diego County Fair with Rodrigo and Sylvia, I got a call from my mom saying that she found two Phoebe chicks on the ground after they had fallen about eight from their nest under a …

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Amoxicillin Alert

Today I begin my two pills, twice a day regimen of the antibiotic, Amoxicillin. It was prescribed for the painful dual tooth infections I’m dealing with at the moment. Soft foods, antibiotics, Motrin and ice packs. Could be worse. I could have diarrh…I’ll be right back.

Tooth Or Consequences

After making an appointment for an emergency dental appointment and just trying to survive with pain for the day, I arrived for my late night appointment with Dr. Pantangco at On Demand Dentist. Thank the maker for such a 24/7 business of emergency toothache relief. His office was very modern and high-tech with me filling …

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Tub Plug

Man, does it suck when the bathtub drain gets clogged. (And yes, I know that I need a new shower caddy.)

Richard Alf Memorial

Drove up to Ramona to attend the memorial for my friend, Richard Alf, who passed away last week. I arrived about an hour early so I could take pictures of Bonham Bros. and Stewart Mortuary and then have some time to walk around downtown Ramona before heading back for the service.  Was planning on visiting …

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RIP Richard

Just received word that my friend, Richard Alf, who I went to see yesterday in a care facility, died today. He was one of the original group of comic book fans that Shel Dorf had brought together to create the San Diego Comic Convention. Judging by the outpouring of support from friends around the world, …

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Hanks For The Memories

My brother sent me an email letting me know that his dog, Hank, had passed away after a very long battle with many health issues. This makes the third canine pet of friends or family to have passed away this year.

Unhappy Day

RIP, Glenn Velo

Just found out this morning that another one of my high school classmates had passed away. Seems like he had done some genuine good during his life.

Las Conchas Fire: Day Six

Probably my last full day of checking on updates since the fire is no longer an imminent threat to Los Alamos. Now I just have to keep an ear out for when my brother, nephew and my friends can return to their homes. Today I watched one news conference and some news videos, and found …

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Las Conchas Fire: Day Five

Didn’t spend quite as much time checking updates today since most of the fire has now burned passed Los Alamos. Still kept an eye on Twitter, watched one news conference and some live streaming video. I was again in regular contact with my brother and nephew though, feeding them information they didn’t have access to. …

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Las Conchas Fire: Day Four

Thought I wouldn’t be spending too much time checking fire updates today. Boy was I wrong. I watched two live press conferences, a live townhall meeting and live streaming video from a guy who refused to evacuate and drove around Los Alamos to show people what was happening in the city. All that and following …

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