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Zoo-Provided California Golden Poppy

From the free seeds I was given during the San Diego Zoo’s Garden Festival I was able to grow this beautiful and healthy California Golden Poppy(our state flower!) that blossomed with this gorgeous flower. I had one other plant grow nicely but it quickly died off for some reason. This one started out looking a …

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California Poppy Update

Came time to transplant the California Poppies (I first wrote poopies by accident, thought it was funny) that I grew from seeds I got for free from a San Diego Zoo horticulturist during their annual Garden Fest celebration. Out of the five pots I planted seeds in only two actually grew. Here is the original …

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Planting Of The Poppies

Finally got around to planting the California Poppy seeds that I got from the San Diego Zoo when I visited during their annual Garden Fest…uh…festivities. I had to wet a cotton ball and drop it into a clear plastic bag. Then the zoo horticulturist scooped up a few seeds and dropped them into the bag. …

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Maria Rose

Got a nice shot of my mom with one of her prized rose bushes. All of a sudden it started to grow by leaps and bounds with rosebuds sprouting from almost every new stalk, and this made her very happy. Wouldn’t be surprised if she turns this into a rose tree.

Tapias’ Garden Harvest

I was at the Tapias’ house when they harvested some vegetables from their amazingly fast-growing garden. The bounty included three Cherokee Purple tomatoes and four pickling cucumbers. Even Lilo, who showed amazing self-control since she absolutely loves tomatoes, joined in on the home-grown excitement.

Cucumbers Corralled and Tomatoes Tied

Helped my friends, Sylvia and Rodrigo, tidy up some of the more aggressively growing vegetable plants in their garden. We started by added a plastic mesh to a portion of fence to coax a fast-spreading cucumber to grow upwards instead of outwards, some more mesh to surround another cucumber plant, and some clothes-line rope to …

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Tapia House-Sitting: Day Two

My day started off with a breakfast of champions: a bowl of Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch, Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios, all mixed together in a Kellogg’s cereal bowl. Watching the dogs was more enjoyable today since I stayed here all day. They did come out with me a few times, …

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Rose Garden Reconnaissance

Drove down to Balboa Park to check out the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden as a possible location for our family’s surprise get together in a few days for a combined Mother’s Day/birthday party for my mom. What was supposed to be a quick recon and walk-through turned into more than on an hour …

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Weeding The Milkweeds

So I did some more gardening today. A couple of days ago I discovered a Monarch larva on one of our milkweeds. Figured it was time to clean up the area so it can crawl on the ground from plant to plant easier. Really glad I did because I ended up finding an additional five more larvae. …

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Vegetable Plantings

After my mom reworked a portion of her vegetable garden to make room for some new additions, she planted the three tomato plants (Black Cherry, San Marzano Heirloom and Golden Gem) that I brought from the Earth Fair at Balboa Park yesterday, as well as the small, pickling cucumbers that the Tapias had given her. …

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Pine Tree Transplant

What should have been a relatively easy job turned into quite the task as we transplanted a pine tree that was cohabiting a large barrel pot with another tree. I waited too long to start this and their roots were impossibly intertwined. While I did have to do some necessary root-snipping, I’m hoping I saved …

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The Life Of Flowers

Really pretty stop-motion video of all sorts of colorful flowers opening up.

Palm Transplant

It took three days, but I finally got our two large, pot-busting palm trees (which my mom grew from seeds) transplanted into their final resting places in our backyard. Started by digging two holes halfway, filling them with water to loosen up the dirt, and then letting them soak overnight. Next day, after I dug, …

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37 Acre Oxygen Factory

Visited the San Diego Botanical Garden in Encinitas today with my mom and my sister. Over 3,000 plants and trees covering 37 acres produce more than enough oxygen to help energize a person to walk the four miles of trails through gardens with authentic species from around the world including Australia, Africa, Central America, Mexico, …

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Botanical Bonanza

My day was supposed to start with a couple of hours spent taking pictures at the Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park. Found out when I got there that they opened an hour later than I expected. So I decided to mosey across the El Prado, passed the Lily Pond, and on over to the …

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