First Onsite Meeting For Comic Fest 2012

Our fifth staff/volunteer meeting was held for the first time at the location of where Comic Fest is actually going to take place, the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in Mission Valley.

The meeting started at 2:00 and was held in the upper floor Garden Salon Two above the Garden Ballroom. Each meeting so far has brought more volunteers than the last and this was no exception. This time there was an impressive twenty-three of us. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half, after which we kind of stood/sat around and talked for another half hour or so, waiting for our Fest rooms to become available for a walk-through.

We headed over to the Regency Ballroom which is separated into the Windsor, the Hampton and the Sheffield. This will be the Exhibitors’ Hall. To me it appeared to be a fairly impressive sized room, but I’m sure it will seem quite a bit smaller when it’s filled with dealers’ tables and wandering attendees of various sizes.

Next we walked across the way and checked out the Eaton room, one of the five satellite rooms that will be used for panels. This room  seemed really small to me. But then I’m having a hard time trying not to compare it to Comic-Con.

From there we walked a ways, passed one of the pools, to the Regency Tower. This houses actual guest rooms but the very top floor has three function rooms that we will be using to create Café Frankenstein, an onsite coffee-house and hangout joint, as well as a room for an art exhibit/auction. The largest of the three rooms, Le Chanticleer, will house the café. The other side of the top floor, the Windsor Rose room, will have the art exhibit. Not sure what the central room will be used for yet. We learned that apparently this floor is haunted by a little girl in a blue dress who fell over the outside railing. Most of our people thought this might make an added good draw to the Fest.

With the Fest four months away (with Comic-Con looming in between) it’s finally starting to feel like it will be a professionally run event.

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