Breakfast With Harriet

Met my long-time friend and one-time client, Harriet, for breakfast at the Encinitas Cafe in, of all places, Encinitas.

She had chosen the restaurant because it had been a few years since she’d been there and she remembered it fondly. I liked the history behind the place. From their website: “The Encinitas Cafe has been a fixture of Downtown Encinitas for over 20 years. There has been a cafe here since the 30s. First it was Fred’s Cafe in the 30s and 40s, then it was Zim’s Cafe in the 40s to the 50s. Then it changed to The Coffee Mill from 1960 until it became the Encinitas Cafe in 1989.”

We decided to eat outside and for most of our meal we were the only ones out there. By the time we left there wasn’t a table available. For breakfast I decided on the French Toast Special for $7.50 which included two slices of thick french toast, two eggs and I replaced the bacon with home-fry potatoes. It was a lot of delicious food which I unfortunately could not finish.

It had been a while since Harriet and I last caught up and boy did she have a bomb to drop on me. After living in San Diego for the last twenty-five years, she will be moving back to Virginia, from where she originally came from. And this will happen in just six weeks. She wanted to tell me in person, which I appreciated.

Moving back wasn’t her idea, and she struggles a bit with it because she loves San Diego so much and she has more contacts and connections here than anyone else I’ve ever met, but her husband had an incredible opportunity through his company (NASSCO) and had to take it. He has already been living out there since the end of last year, returning once a month to visit.

I will miss getting together with her. She is truly one of the good ones.

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