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Bill’s Birthday Bash

Had all the local family members come over to the house for a belated birthday dinner for my sister’s husband, Bill, who turned muffled mumble. The meal consisted of a Hungarian stew/sauce (usually we make it with beef but this time my mom made it with chicken per Beata’s request for Bill) that gets poured …

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B’s Birthday Bash

A big chunk of our local family members gathered for a dinner in honor of my sister, Beata, whose (mumble)th birthday we were celebrating. Dinner consisted of two types of pizzas, one meat-covered and one veggie that were generously supplied by my nephew Stephen and his girlfriend Jeri, along with some side dishes of beans, …

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Slightly Belated Birthday Dinner

All the members of my San Diego family gathered for a belated birthday dinner for me this evening. They included my mom, of course, two siblings, a nephew, his girlfriend, my favorite niece and a brother-in-law. There were no gifts, as is always my want. (Lisa! But thanks for the poop calendar.) This was the …

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My Annual Facebook Birthday Wishes

Collected all of the Happy Birthday wishes I received on Facebook into one single image. Thankfully it always turns out to be a lot of work and that’s a great complaint to have. I am very grateful for all of the good wishes, but I’m not sure I’ll want to do this again next year.

Bigboote’s Birthday

Today is my younger brother, Tommy’s, birthday. He was born in 1960. That makes him 52 years old. He is now a very successful pediatrician in New Mexico. Through a bizarre series of quantum causality time-shift events he was teleported back in time to Banning, California in the early 60s and is now a patient …

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Mami’s Birthday: Evening Edition

My older brother, Ozzie, and my sister, Beata, along with her husband, Bill, came over for dinner this evening to celebrate my mom’s 81st birthday. Beata had come over a bit earlier to help with the decorating and the making of the crepes (palacsinta, to be more precise). Dinner was one of my all-time favorite meals, which …

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Mami’s Birthday: Morning Edition

My niece, Kimi, came over this morning to have breakfast with my mom for her 81st birthday. She brought some flowers and a few blueberry Eggos (which my mom always likes) and I had some cream of wheat (which I really like) because of my residual dental issues from a few day ago. It was …

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Kimi’s Belated Birthday Dinner

Had most of the family over for a belated birthday dinner for my niece, Kimi, who recently lost her teenagenicity and turned twenty. My sister, Beata, started things off by bringing Kimi a dozen beautiful roses. Then the evening took a freak show turn when Kimi showed us how spray from an squeezed orange peel …

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Mary’s Birthday Dinner

A group of my friends and I met at Pat & Oscar’s at Plaza Bonita in National City to celebrate our friend Mary’s birthday with a socially-fun and consumably-delicious dinner. In attendance were Mary and her husband Dave with their daughter, along with Sylvia and Rodrigo, Chip and Bethany with their two children, and Stacy. …

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My Post, Post Birthday Lunch

After passing a homeless, guitar-playing Santa on a street corner, I had an intimate get together with some of my oldest friends for a Mary-organized belated birthday lunch at Phil’s BBQ in Point Loma. We even got to watch ourselves in line on Phil’s webcam, courtesy of Rodrigo’s Droid. I tried something new this time, …

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Birthday Movie and Lunch Wish Granted

Enjoyed a great day with my incredible friends Sylvia and Rodrigo, who took me not only to see “Sherlock Holmes: A Games of Shadows” (which I was dying to see) but also to lunch at In-N-Out (which I was dying to eat). I seem to be doing a lot of dying lately. The movie was …

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Post-Birthday Dinner Party

Had my post-birthday family dinner this evening. My mom had made one of my all-time favorites: wienerschnitzel with mashed potatoes and red cabbage. My mom had also made some really good Hungarian strawberry and walnut pastry the day before for dessert. My niece Kimi brought over a large, chocolate Mickey Mouse cake that she baked …

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Birthday Wishes Galore

Came home from my birthday trip to Disneyland to find my mailbox chock full of Facebook messages announcing Happy Birthday wishes from many of my real-life and online-only friends. It was enough to fill my onboard memory with digital glee.

It’s All Relative With Brenda

After our Disneyland excursion was complete, I delivered my friend Brenda to her relatives living just north of San Diego. There we stayed for almost four hours while she reminisced and remembered many stories from their childhoods. There was a birthday party for a two-year old, replete with singing, presents, cupcakes and a candle in …

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My Happy Place

The day started out like any other, with me getting up off of Dawn’s crack. That’s when the different started happening. After a shower and non-cereal breakfast I found myself driving north on I-5, away from my nest of comfort, heading for lands known to some as Adventure, Fantasy, Frontier and Tomorrow. Coincidence would regularly …

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