June 15, 2012 archive

VS House-Sitting: Day Two

Started my second away-from-home day with getting some shots of both Gordon and Theo before they disappeared into the Chula Vista wilderness, a.k.a. the neighbors’ yards. Ended my day by partaking of some fantastic trifle that Heather had made for me to enjoy. I shared it with the Tapias when I visited with them. And …

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New MacBook Pro For Sylvia

Finally, after many frustrating attempts to complete some graphically intense projects, Sylvia got her new 13 inch MacBook Pro. Her old, refurbished iMac crashed and rebooted one too many times, usually just before she saved her work. And today it came to a head. Rodrigo and I visited a local Apple Store to pick up …

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Fall Webworm Larva (Hyphantria Cunea)

As I was doing my daily watering while house-sitting at Heather’s house, I came across this Fall webworm larva (Hyphantria cunea) casually munching away on a large zucchini leaf. Since it is neither my plant, nor my problem (and partly because its such a cool looking insect), I left the caterpillar to keep eating away.

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