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Mami’s Birthday: Midday Edition

Took my mom walking at SeaWorld to continue her birthday celebration. I first went to Guest Services to get her a birthday button but they were out of them. Instead they gave her a voucher for a complimentary feeding tray at the seals and sea lions, which I thought was pretty cool. Inside the entrance we …

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Health Fair At Seaport Village

Met Sylvia and Rodrigo over at Seaport Village as they were out walking their fur-kids, Lilo and Stitch. We ended walking through a Health Fair that was going on at the same time and were given free samples of O.N.E. Coconut Water (which I surprisingly found kind of disgusting) as well as bottles of Solar Rain drinking water, …

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Where California Began

Took my mom to Presidio Park today, which on one side overlooks Interstate 8 running through Mission Valley, on another side looks toward SeaWorld and Mission Bay, and the third side overlooks Old Town, where San Diego was founded. Since the Serra Museum itself was closed I walked a few of the trails that encircle …

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Return Trip To The World Of Sea

Once again I took my mom to SeaWorld for our weekly jaunt around the park. We started things off by getting our picture taken with the always-friendly, O.P. Otter, after which we ran into our old Terrific Tuesday friends, Shirley and Paul, whom we see pretty much every time we go. This was the first …

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Walking At Tidelands

Met the Tapias at Tidelands Park on Coronado for an impromptu walkabout on another fantastically beautiful southern California day. There definitely were a lot of walkers, joggers, picnickers and bike riders out today getting in some sun and exercise before the big game this afternoon. Sylvia and Rodrigo, having already walked some with Lilo and …

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This Week’s SeaWorld Jaunt

Took my mom back to SeaWorld for this week’s walkabout. It was wonderfully empty. Came across a new animated conservation mascot I’ve seen before but never really paid attention to or photographed. She’s drawn super Disney-ish cute and is just outside the Turtle Reef exhibit.  Not much noticeable change to the Manta installation. We did …

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Evening Walk In Coronado

Met my friends Sylvia, Rodrigo, Lilo and Stitch at Tidelands Park in Coronado this evening. We walked up to the Coronado Ferry Landing where we went out on the pier to check out the shimmering downtown skyline as it got dark, and then went back to the Ferry Landing where we sat down for a …

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Walk Along Rose Marie Starns

Went for a truncated evening walk along Rose Marie Starns South Shores Park at Mission Bay with the Tapias. It quickly got cold and windy once the sun set. Saw two cool things: first, someone was flying a glowing radio-controlled plane above us, and second, a satellite also flew over us as we got back …

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Walk And Dinner On Coronado

Went for an evening walk with the Tapias from Coronado’s Tidelands Park up to the Old Ferry Landing where we had dinner at Lil’ Piggy’s Bar-B-Q and then walked back to Tidelands Park. I had an incredible Texas Potato with pulled pork and other fixings for my dinner.

Walking IB

Went for a two+ mile sunset walk with the Tapias along the marshes of Imperial Beach. Lots of other walkers and bikers along this striped mini-road of a walkway towards Silver Strand. Stitch had two poops and Lilo just one, all three of which I was entrusted to collect. ( i   b   p …

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Evening Walk Along Mission Bay

Went on a three mile walk this evening at Rose Starns Park just south of SeaWorld with the four Tapias. It was a beautiful San Diego dusk and getting out into ocean air and the setting sun felt very refreshing. ( w a l k i n g   p i c s )

The Mouth Of The San Diego River

Went for an afternoon walk with the Tapias from Robb Field in Ocean Beach to the mouth of the San Diego River. So many happy dogs jumping, running and playing in the shallow seawater, including Stitch who never seemed to tire of chasing his soggy green tennis ball. ( w a l k i e …

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Walkies With Rodrigo

Went on an evening walk along Mission Bay starting from Rose Marie Starns South Shores Park with Rodrigo and the doggies while Sylvia was out of town. Followed that up with a long-overdue visit to a nearby Starbucks. Why do none of the barristas at any Starbucks I go to know about the iPhone apps picks …

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Two Walks And A Dinner

After an all-too-brief walk along Spanish Landing with the Tapias, and a quick pick-up order from Phil’s BBQ, I re-met the Tapias, this time with Rodrigo’s sister Lorena along for the ride after being picked up from the airport, at Rose Marie Starns Park and Boat Ramp in Mission Bay for a breezy dinner of …

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Photowalk With Heather

Had a really good, silly and sarcastic time with Heather today, walking around taking pictures in Old Town San Diego and having a great Mexican lunch at Café Coyote.  Even ran into another friend of mine, Terry, who I occasionally work with. Heather and I took pictures of anything that caught our eye and looked interesting, although I’m pretty …

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