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Google Plus Me

Finally received my long-awaited, custom, vanity Google+ URL before another Peter Csanadi claimed it. (I’m looking at you, Director of Global PR for adidas!) Only took a little over two years to get it. I am now an official Google somebody, along with about a million others. Just wish some of my close friends also …

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Follow-Up With Heart

Drove my mom to a follow-up appointment with her cardiologist at the recently opened, new cardiac center at Thornton Hospital to discuss the results of her CT scan from yesterday. The doctor gave her the good news that her aneurism has remained stable since her last scan about a year ago. While there a nurse …

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Scannning A CAT

Took my mom to get a CT scan of her aortic aneurism to make sure it hasn’t changed since her last check. Since it was so close to Halloween there were a lot of spooky decorations around the hospital. It was cool they did this but seeing a black skeleton hanging on a door may …

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A Flu Shot, A Blood Draw, A Breakfast And An Iron Lung

My day started out with taking my mom to get a flu shot at the Perlman Medical Offices at UCSD Thornton Hospital, where her primary care doctor has his office. The inoculation was administered by a very friendly female doctor who we’d never seen before. Except for a bit of waiting in the reception area, …

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Finally Reached One Million

It took a few years and I can mainly thank all those out there interested in my female cosplay photos, but I finally passed my one millionth view on Flickr. True, it’s a combined number for photos, sets and collections, but I’ll still take it. Plus, my total for individual photo views is not far …

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Couldn’t Wait

My Mavericks envy got the better of me and after hearing about how many people already upgraded their computers, I went ahead and downloaded and installed Apple’s latest desktop operating system. Took a little longer than I was expecting, but then millions of other Apple fans were downloading it at the same time. It installed …

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Apple’s Annual October Event 2013

Watched the live streaming of Apple’s annual October software and hardware announcements. The event began, as always, with CEO Tim Cook talking about the company’s impressive numbers for the past year. He then handed the clicker off to Craig Federighi, Senior VP of Software Engineering, to go over OS X Mavericks, Apple’s latest operating software. …

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When Cute Dogs Sleep

I got a chance to dog-sit Lilo and Stitch again for a few hours during of the day. In between tummy rubs, Pup-peronis and fetchings, they spent most of their time just looking really cute.

Mt. Soledad Memorial For VP-48

Drove up to Mt. Soledad for a quick lunch-time visit to try and re-shoot some images I took last week. Even though it was a cloudless, blue sky kind of day, everything at sea level was just too darn hazy to get any decent shots. That was disappointing and just meant a return trip on …

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Bill’s Birthday Bash

Had all the local family members come over to the house for a belated birthday dinner for my sister’s husband, Bill, who turned muffled mumble. The meal consisted of a Hungarian stew/sauce (usually we make it with beef but this time my mom made it with chicken per Beata’s request for Bill) that gets poured …

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Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog Webinar

Attended my second, hour-long, GoToMeeting online webinar within in a week, this one by SAVE THE FROGS! founder and director, Dr. Kerry Kriger, who was joined by San Diego Zoo biologist and research technician, Frank Santana, to discuss his work raising and releasing the critically endangered Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs into the San Jacinto mountains of …

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Promotional Webinar For Sandra

I watched a live webinar by renowned color-pencil artist and fellow San Diego Zoo member/photographer and friend, Sandra Angelo, to promote her new online drawing course. The presentation lasted about forty-five minutes and was followed by a fifteen minute Q&A session. In the presentation she used a photograph by our mutual friend and fellow Zoo …

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Front Page Of Comic Fest

One of my photos from this year’s Comic Fest made it to the front page of its website. Not the most exciting shot, showing the post-Fest take-down of Draco Tavern, but I guess it’s kind of apropos since it was thanking everyone for another successful event. For me, this was even better than last year’s. …

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