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Brenda Calling

I had a really nice Google+ Hangout with my bestie, Brenda, this evening. It was filled with fun, frustration, frivolity, and even a bit of the usual disbelief at some things said. During the chat she shared her screen with me so I could watch a cute, little video she made about her dogs, Lucy …

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Last Haircut Of The Year

Got my final haircut of the year, once again by Sylvia, my best friend for almost thirty years. It was a windy day.

Proof of Brain

Drove my mom to a scheduled brain MRI today at Thornton. It almost didn’t happen because after we checked in and the nurse saw that I had written down that my mom previously had heart valve replacement surgery. They needed to know the make and model of the valve to make certain the powerful magnet …

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Coffee Break With My Mom

After my morning flu shot I took my mom to a local Starbucks to get her out and into public a bit. She really enjoys these types of easy, social outings. We also split a slice of their always delicious lemon loaf cake that goes so well with coffee. With all of her recent medical …

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Politely Stabbed By A Stranger

Got my annual flu shot at a local Costco, this year by a pharmacist named of Simon. This was first time that I can remember being inoculated by a guy. No innocent flirting this year. This time the needle seemed to bigger than in past years and the serum itself burned more. Wasn’t painful and …

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Nature’s Realm Turns 2

My Tumblr blog turned two years old today! Reminded me that I actually have to do something with it again. Got plenty of my images to share and other people’s stuff to repost. Now to just remember to do it. A gift of cotton is appropriate.

Best Forgotten

Took my mom for a regular appointment with her primary care doctor just to make sure she was doing ok and to see if her meds needed any adjusting. After her brief exam my mom was given a memory test to compare the results with one she took six months ago. Unfortunately the nurse gave …

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