Apple’s Annual October Event 2013

Watched the live streaming of Apple’s annual October software and hardware announcements.

Apple Event01 10-22-13

The event began, as always, with CEO Tim Cook talking about the company’s impressive numbers for the past year.

Apple Event02 10-22-13

Apple Event03 10-22-13

He then handed the clicker off to Craig Federighi, Senior VP of Software Engineering, to go over OS X Mavericks, Apple’s latest operating software. The two main new features I’ve been waiting for are tabbed finder windows and being able to tag files for easier search.

Apple Event04 10-22-13

Apple Event05 10-22-13

Craig surprised everybody when he announced that Mavericks will be a free upgrade to anyone owning a Mac going back as far as Snow Leopard.

Apple Event06 10-22-13

This made everyone in attendance pretty happy. (Apple never really made it’s money from software anyway. Hardware is where it gets most of it’s revenue. So, as cool as a gesture as it was, it won’t affect Apple’s bottom line.)

Apple Event07 10-22-13

Next up was Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, to talk about the new, more powerful but less expensive, retina display 13 and 15 inch MacBooks.

Apple Event08 10-22-13

Apple Event09 10-22-13

This also made the audience clap. (Does nothing make these people smile?)

Apple Event10 10-22-13

Phil then went on to describe the amazing new Mac Pro that was teased about a few months ago. A beautiful machine that’s definitely geared toward the serious industry professionals.

Apple Event11 10-22-13

Apple Event12 10-22-13

Apple Event13 10-22-13

Phil was followed by Eddie Cue, Senior VP of Internet Software and Services. He began talking about the new updates to Apple’s iLife suite of apps: iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand, free to anyone buying a new Apple device.

Apple Event14 10-22-13

Apple Event15 10-22-13

He then talked about the updates to Apple’s iWork apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote, also free to those buying new devices.

Apple Event16 10-22-13

He also demonstrated the real-time collaboration of the iCloud version of Pages.

Apple Event17 10-22-13

All the software announcements finished, Tim Cook came back up on stage to talk about the iPad’s impressive dominance in the tablet market.

Apple Event18 10-22-13

Apple Event19 10-22-13

This was getting everybody’s expectation juices flowing since everyone knew there would be a new iPad announcement. He brought back Phil Schiller to introduce the new iPad Air, a name that no one, not even the tech rumor sites, saw coming.

Apple Event20 10-22-13

He went through all the usual improved specs and thinner, lighter design. It truly is an astounding piece of engineering.

Apple Event21 10-22-13

He ended showing the entire family of iPads now available.

Apple Event22 10-22-13

Tim Cook came back on stage to close the event and to thank everyone for attending.

I decided to wait for a few days before upgrading my OS to Mavericks, just to make sure all the initial upgrade kinks were ironed out. All in all, it was a robust event.

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