Scannning A CAT

Took my mom to get a CT scan of her aortic aneurism to make sure it hasn’t changed since her last check. Since it was so close to Halloween there were a lot of spooky decorations around the hospital. It was cool they did this but seeing a black skeleton hanging on a door may not be the best thing for a patent to come across in a hospital.

The radiology tech wouldn’t let me get a shot of my mom on the CT machine, even though I’ve been able to take it before, so that taught me that I need to just take the shot instead of asking first.

By the time the scan was finished my mom and I were both pretty hungry so we stayed for a late lunch over at the cafeteria. I ordered the lemon chicken with green beans and rice, and my mom had a grilled cheese sandwich, always a favorite of hers. We also split a plateful of fries and each had some frozen yogurt for dessert.

UPDATE: My mom’s scan showed that her aneurism is stable and has not grown in the last two years.


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