September 2013 archive

Antares Takes Cygnus To The ISS

Thanks again to this amazing thing that is the Internet I was able to watch a real-time launch, from different angles including a couple of onboard cameras, of another NASA rocket from across the continent. This one was an Antares rocket, launched from their facility at Wallops Island, Virginia, delivering the Cygnus spacecraft on a …

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Mami’s Shiny Choppers

Took my mom for a long-overdue teeth cleaning at Dr. Taylor’s office, her dentist from years back. Since they wouldn’t let me go back into the exam room with her, I stayed in the waiting room reading my “Mister Zoo” book. Afterwards we celebrated by going to have some spinach, corn, caramel and poppy seeds. …

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An Apple, A Mouse And Some Coffee

The Magic Mouse I used with my iMac went absolutely ape-poop this morning. It’s very difficult and frustrating trying to post-process a photo or even just click on a link when all your mouse wants to do is jump with the jitters along either the very top of the monitor or along the left side. …

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