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Brenda Calling

I had a really nice Google+ Hangout with my bestie, Brenda, this evening. It was filled with fun, frustration, frivolity, and even a bit of the usual disbelief at some things said. During the chat she shared her screen with me so I could watch a cute, little video she made about her dogs, Lucy …

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Skype Silliness

What was supposed to be a scheduled Skype video chat between my family here and our relatives in Hungary became more of an impromptu stand-up routine with only half the participants. My mother, sister and I exchanged prop-comedy with my cousin, Gábor, and his wife, Kati. A half-hour exchange became, as usual, twenty-five minutes of …

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Virtually Hanging Out With Rodrigo

Had a brief Google Hangout today with Rodrigo and his two fur-babies. Ten years ago this would have been considered impossibly expensive science fiction. Now, thanks to Google (and others) we can video chat with friends almost any time we want to for free. This was double cool because he was video chatting with his …

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Hungarian Skype, Episode Two

Partook in another Skype chat between my mom and me and my cousin and his wife. This one lasted just long enough to see some of the inside of his house and to set up a more involved chat for next Sunday with additional members of both families on either side of the planet. This …

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Skyping With Hungary

Today my mom and I had an interesting Skype chat with some of our relatives in Hungary. My cousin had his father visiting his family and he thought that my mom (his father’s wife’s sister) would enjoy a brief video chat to say hi and find out how things are going in both countries. While …

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Koala Hangout

I was part of a San Diego Zoo Google+ Hangout this evening where the Zoo’s ambassador, Rick Schwartz, presented research findings and answered questions about his recent trip to study koala conservation on Bee’s Island, Australia. There were four of us in the hangout: Rick, Matt Steele, the moderator and Zoo’s Social Media Planner, and …

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Prep For Tomorrow’s Zoo Hangout

Had a setup rehearsal with Matt, the San Diego Zoo’s social media guru, for tomorrow evening’s live Google+ Hangout with Zoo Ambassador Rick Schwartz. This will be his second such online get-together since his return from studying koala conservation in Australia. There will be many watching, but only three of us interacting with Rick and …

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Video Chat with B – Halloween Style

My latest video chat (through Google hangouts) with Princess Brenda. She wanted to show me the costume that she wore while teaching her class on their dress-up day. She went as a vampire. A happy, friendly vampire. Cool costume. Crazy red glowiness to her ginormous eyelashes. She also had a spooky collar for Musi so …

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Tapia House-Sitting: Day Three

My day started off with a fantastic blueberry muffin for breakfast. (For what happened after that please see my other blog posts about going to the Zoo with Heather (work in progress), lunch at Phil’s and the Venus Transit.) The evening brought a nice surprise in the form of a video chat with Sylvia and …

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Brenda’s New Glasses

Had another fun video chat with Brenda, my bestie friend in Austin, and she showed me the new glasses she recently got. I think they look great on her. Very natural. After cheersing video-style, I also had a chance to briefly chat with her brother, Mike, who was on speaker phone with her. Video chatting is such …

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Video Chat With Brenda And Musi

Had another nice video chat all the way from Austin, Texas with my great friend Brenda and her furry, four-legged son, my nephew, Musi.

Chatting About The Oscars

Finally had me a long-overdue video chat with my close friend, Brenda, all while Jean Dujardin won the Oscar for Best Actor and Michel Hazanavicius won as Best Director, both for “The Artist,” at the 84th Annual Academy Awards. While our chat only lasted for two awards, both of our performances tonight were genuine.

Work Video Chat With Rodrigo

First time ever for a video chat with Rodrigo from his work office. At least until he got a genuine work-related call. PCs and Macs CAN get along, thanks to Google.

Brenda, One Day Later

Had a short but good video chat with Brenda who returned home to Austin yesterday morning. Weird to imagine that I saw her at the airport just yesterday and tonight we’re video chatting from three states away. I’m grateful that we can at least keep in touch regularly this way. (Reason I’m on the phone …

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Video Tour By Brenda

Had a long-overdue video chat with Brenda that ended up lasting just over two hours. With her laptop camera she took me on a tour of all the Christmas decorations she put up inside her house in Austin. Brenda takes decorating very seriously and each year does an amazing job with it. I also got …

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