Proof of Brain

Drove my mom to a scheduled brain MRI today at Thornton. It almost didn’t happen because after we checked in and the nurse saw that I had written down that my mom previously had heart valve replacement surgery. They needed to know the make and model of the valve to make certain the powerful magnet in the scanner wouldn’t adversely affect it

Obviously I had no idea what make and model number her valve was from more than thirteen years ago. Just as we were getting ready to leave to try and contact a different hospital to get the information, the tech in the MRI room called up front to ask where my mom was. He told the nurse that he had my mom’s information so she immediately took us back.

The scan took about half an hour, during which time I picked up an old edition of Entertainment magazine and read about what’s in store for the final season of Dexter, which ended a couple of months ago.

After the MRI we walked over to the cafeteria to have breakfast, which for me consisted of scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon.


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