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The Taking Of My Mom’s Life Juice

Took my mom for a blood draw in preparation for her scheduled doctor appointment on Thursday. Went quick and easy. Got in right away and she was done within five minutes. The perfect kind of clinic appointment…except for that needle in the arm part. The grocery shopping that happened afterwards was unfortunately neither quick nor …

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1957 Jimmy

While walking down the street with my mom we came across this beautiful, 1957 baby-blue GMC Jimmy with white front details and hub caps instead of chrome, which made it look more like a big, cool toy. It looked like it was on steroids.

Meeting On Adams

Attended the third to the last Comic Fest meeting, this time at ArtLab Studios in the Normal Heights suburb of San Diego, before the Fest begins on October 4th. The meeting was at times instructive and informative, but dragging and snippy at others. It was also a very hot day and there was no air …

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Emerald Geometer Moth

This gorgeous Emerald Geometer Moth flattened itself on the wall right next to my neighbors’ front door. I noticed it while I was cat-sitting for them again. Luckily it stayed there long enough for me to come back later with my camera and macro lens. It was only about the size of two side-by-side dimes. …

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Infiniti…Not So Much

The very last photos of our ironically-named 1994 Infiniti G20. I was able to drive it as far as our mechanic before it overheated following a Comic Fest meeting in Tierrasanta, a drive of about ten miles. The car, while looking ok, had become so dangerous to drive with all its structural, mechanical, electrical and …

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B’s Birthday Bash

A big chunk of our local family members gathered for a dinner in honor of my sister, Beata, whose (mumble)th birthday we were celebrating. Dinner consisted of two types of pizzas, one meat-covered and one veggie that were generously supplied by my nephew Stephen and his girlfriend Jeri, along with some side dishes of beans, …

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Ethics Lecture On Drones And UAVs

Attended another really good lecture at The Center for Ethics in Science and Technology at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. This one focused on the benefits and risks of military, law enforcement and civilian uses of unmanned aerial vehicles. The first half of the evening began with three brief presentations by …

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My Mug Is Trending

Some of my friends noticed that I was trending on YouTube today. Or to be more precise, a video from the San Diego Zoo that prominently kept showing my dorky countenance was trending. A couple of them even shared the video link on Facebook. Apparently I have some very misguided fans. It is a pretty …

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Zoo-Provided California Golden Poppy

From the free seeds I was given during the San Diego Zoo’s Garden Festival I was able to grow this beautiful and healthy California Golden Poppy(our state flower!) that blossomed with this gorgeous flower. I had one other plant grow nicely but it quickly died off for some reason. This one started out looking a …

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