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Freeway Fire

Started smelling smoke through my open window while I was working at my computer in the afternoon. It was far too early for the occasional evening smoke I catch a whiff of whenever a neighbor uses their fireplace on cooler nights. I hurried to the backyard worried it might be a canyon fire, but it …

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My Immersion

I tried out a new social graphing service today called Immersion that gives me data about my gmail collaboration with others in visual graph form. It was created by three individuals at MIT and it only accesses the To, From and timestamps of emails so there’s no actual reading of my emails. It has a …

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Hot Dog Kind Of Day

To give National Hot Dog Day some meaning and importance I visited one of the two Chula Vista Costcos with my friends, Sylvia y Rodrigo, to partake of the tasty, but terribly named food item. But first I had to try out one of the comfy, reclining chairs they were selling inside across from the …

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iWorks In iCloud In Beta

Apple gave me a chance to beta test cloud versions all three of its iWorks apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I really don’t use these apps as often as I used to, since most of my time is spent in Photoshop, but all three apps worked flawlessly. I could be mistaken, but I don’t think …

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We Met The Robinsons At The Tapias

Had a great turnout at Sylvia and Rodrigo’s for a movie night with friends while my brother Tom and his family were visiting from that large, newish, pseudo-Mexican, rectangular area between Arizona and Texas. Even my mom joined us. The movie de la nuit was “Meet the Robinsons”, a cute animated film that most of …

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Lily Pond Reflections

After my Early Hours morning at the San Diego Zoo, and before heading over to see the newly opened “Mammoths and Mastodons” at the Natural History Museum, I spent some time meandering around and photographing the Lily Pond in Balboa Park.


After my lunch with Terry and Lorena at Lil’ Pepper, I went back to Multi Image one last time to check out what they had in their warehouse that they were looking to get rid of. Most of the good stuff was unfortunately already gone or spoken for. This would be my very last visit …

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We had a couple visit us this evening, something of a rarity these days. We had never met them before today, but Joseph and Eileen are friends of a friend of my mom’s whom she helped facilitate adoptions for of three siblings from Hungary a few years back. They both had interesting stories of their …

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Fly No More

Started my Independence Day on a really down note. My neighbor sent a text, asking me to check on a bird she found in her front yard before I headed out for the day. She said it seemed to be hurt. By the time I got there (less than half an hour later), I found …

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Warming My Cockles

Apparently I’ve bonded with the neighbor’s two female cats that I’ve been watching. They are named Faith and Hope. (Insert your own ironic adult humor here.)

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