Steve Jobs Keynote Address at WWDC in San Francisco

Read Engadget’s live blogging from Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation of the new iPhone 4. I may have to bite the spotty-coverage bullet and switch to AT&T just to get this phone, since very disappointingly there was no mention of taking it to any other carrier.

Lizard Couple

Came across this lizard couple today. Male on the left, very pregnant female on the right.

Old Town, Coronado and Seaport Village

A very full last day for Kate and Jasmine. We walked around Old Town and had lunch at Coyote Café before driving across the bridge to the Ferry Landing in Coronado to walk around. Then we went back to Seaport Village to walk around and watched the the USS Ronald Reagan leave port.

San Diego Zoo Trip #13 This Year

Spent the whole day at the San Diego Zoo with my mom (for a while), Kate and her daughter Jasmine. Took another 590 pictures to add to my thousands.

Penguin Experience at SeaWorld San Diego

Got to pet a Magellanic Penguin and go inside the 27 degree Penguin Encounter exhibit.

California King Snake

Our friend Heather found this snake in the bushes in her front yard and called us over. Our other friend Stephanie grabbed it and dropped it into a terrarium she brought with her. Then she took it home.

Blue Horizons at SeaWorld

Attended the new dolphin show at SeaWorld in San Diego. It was the very first public showing and only for SeaWorld passholders.

Series Finale of LOST

Watched the two-hour series recap, the two-and-a-half-hour finale, and some of the cast interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel.

Poison Dart Frogs

Finished working on the Poison Dart Frog photos from SeaWorld. These are a Dyeing Poison Dart and a Yellow-Banded or Bumblebee Poison Dart frog.

A Squirrel and Me

Was crouching near the bird feeders when a female squirrel, who shows up at least once a day, scampered through the fence and started to gorge itself on bird seed. It didn’t seem at all afraid as I sat down close to it. It sees us walking around the backyard every day.

Lunch with My Mom

Had a couple of $10 gift cards to Chili Peppers Mexican Eatery in Tierrasanta (thanks, Sylvia), so I took my mom there for lunch. Surprisingly good food for such a plain, strip-mall entrance.

Coronado Bay Bridge Run/Walk Photos

I finally got around to fixing and uploading to Facebook all the Coronado Bay Bridge Run/Walk photos from May 16. The walk was about four miles, from downtown San Diego, over the Bay Bridge and finishing on Coronado Island. This year I went with Rodrigo, Sylvia, Heather, Lauren, Meghan and Ryan. We took Bryan’s number since he’s been deployed.

Yet another earthquake

This one listed as a magnitude 5.1 by the USGS.

UPDATE: The earthquake has since been downgraded to 4.5.

Iron Man 2

Finally went to see Iron Man 2 with Randy. What a blast! Loved the movie. Just as exciting and cool as the first one. And with even more eye candy in Scarlett Johansson.

Walked the Coronado Bridge

Participated in the Navy’s 24th Original Bay Bridge Run/Walk with Rodrigo, Sylvia, Heather, Lauren, Meghan and Ryan, taking lots of pictures along the entire route. It was a sold out event with 8,000 participants. Unfortunately it was a very overcast day so pictures of downtown were a little flat.

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