Politely Stabbed By A Stranger

Got my annual flu shot at a local Costco, this year by a pharmacist named of Simon. This was first time that I can remember being inoculated by a guy. No innocent flirting this year.

This time the needle seemed to bigger than in past years and the serum itself burned more. Wasn’t painful and the burning sensation didn’t last very long, but it was noticeably more uncomfortable than before.

Costco Flu Shot01 11-12-13 lo-resCostco Flu Shot02 11-12-13 lo-res

As i was leaving I came across a beautiful 1957 Plymouth Suburban Sport that was in really good condition. I love running into classic cars like this in the wild.

Costco Plymouth01 11-12-13 lo-resCostco Plymouth02 11-12-13 lo-resCostco Plymouth03 11-12-13 lo-res

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