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Dr. Gupta, Revisited

Had to return to see Dr. Gupta so she could look at my mom’s fungal infection again after my mom started developing a rash from the cream that was prescribed. Dr. Gupta said that the original infection already looked much better but that my mom somehow become infected with a different kind of yeast infection …

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Much Needed First Haircut Of The Year

Went to see Sylvia, my best friend for the last thirty years, to get my first haircut of the year. She does such a great job each time that afterwards I usually even forget that I have hair.

Fungus And Blood

Back again at Perlman, this time to have a large red spot on one of my mom’s frontal fat bags checked by Dr. Gupta, a very nice, young doctor who has fat bags of her own. This time it was her nurse, Princess, who took my mom’s vitals. Yes, her name really was Princess. Absolutely …

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Piping Plover Project Presentation

Attended a wildlife lecture at the headquarters of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, my first time there, adjacent to SeaWorld here in San Diego. It was jointly presented by the San Diego chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers and the Avicultural Society of America. The presentation dealt with the Piping Plover‘s critical habitat recovery …

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Voting For A Mayor Of The Non-Harrassing Kind

Today was the day San Diegans like me voted for a replacement mayor after the disgusting and rubber-faced Bob Filner was forced to resign late last year amidst multiple allegations of sexual harassment and for having a creepier smile than the Joker. Voters had a choice between David Alvarez, the Democratic candidate for the people, …

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The Future Of Treating Cancer As A Manageable Disease

I nervously attended a lecture at The Scripps Institute in La Jolla on the future of cancer treatment grandly titled, “Are We on the Way to Curing Cancer in the Era of Genomics and Proteomics?”. At first I was worried I wouldn’t understand it at all. Wearing shorts and a nice t-shirt while walking alongside …

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Frozen Facial

Drove my mom to another doctor appointment this morning to have them check a couple of suspicious patches of skin on her face. To me they looked guilty. The patches, not the doctor or his staff. And by staff I mean his receptionist and nurses. There was a little time between when the nurse took …

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