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Zoo Day With Heather

Spent a few hours at the San Diego Zoo with Heather, starting with her seeing the recently born giraffe calf for the first time. Also got to pet and feed some very old Galapagos tortoises. Since we were at the zoo, we talked biology while riding the Skyfari. Had lunch at Safari Kitchen. ( z …

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Special Zoo Visit With A Personal Presentation

Was at the San Diego Zoo for most of the day with Fabi, Stephanie, Alex, Cathy and Nathan. The visit was made all the more special when my friend Rick, the Zoo’s Ambassador, took us to a backstage presentation area and gave us a personal educational show with Priscilla, the fifteen-year old porcupine. We even …

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Noo Zew Baby!

Went to the San Diego Zoo for about an hour with my mom this morning to find a two-day old baby giraffe walking around with the other giraffes. Really disappointed that I missed yet another giraffe birth (the third one I’ve missed by at least one day) but so thrilled that I still got to …

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Nighttime Zoo With The Holdens

Finished off my day by visiting the San Diego Zoo‘s Nighttime Zoo China Celebration and going to see Nicky, the pregnant giraffe who is ready to deliver any day now ( I swear I saw her pushing), and then meeting up with the entire Holden family. Walked through the newly opened Panda Trek with a Red Panda, Takins …

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Zoo Day With Niece And Nephew

Had a good day as tour guide for my nephew, Stephen, his girlfriend, Jeri, and my niece, Kimi, at the San Diego Zoo. While quite a few animals were asleep or hiding, we still got to see most of the Zoo and had a pretty good lunch there as well. ( p i c s …

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Nighttime Zoo

Had a really enjoyable time at the San Diego Zoo’s Nighttime Zoo. Didn’t see many animals because I was with two other families with kids, including two babies, but still had a very relaxed time. Got some really good shots of two sleeping polar bears. We stayed until they closed and were able to take …

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Heather and Crikey, Singing In A Tree…

Finally posted my video of Heather getting Crikey, a male Kookaburra at the San Diego Zoo, to sing so loud and long that a mildly irritated zoo keeper came over and asked us to stop. Thanks for getting us into trouble, Heather.

Visiting Clawed, Feathered And Hairy Cousins And Relatives

Had a really good photo day at the San Diego Zoo with Mary and Diana. Got some fantastically lucky shots of Funani the Hippo and her recently born son Adhama. Also had the best meal ever at the Zoo at Albert’s Restaurant, contrasting with the worst the last time I visited. Ran into an old …

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First Online Video

Posted my very first video online and I made sure it was all over the web. Posting it here, obviously, on Facebook and on Twitter. It’s of the Cheetah Run we saw at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park Tweetup we had last Saturday. Now I just need to work on my photos.

Run Cheetah Run!

Had a fantastic tweetup at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Got VIP treatment for a a practice run of the new Cheetah Run exhibit that will open to the lesser people (general public) on July 2.  Also got to see an eight day-old Western Lowland Gorilla being carried by it’s mom, as well as …

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Zoo Day With Kimi (Post #800!)

Spent a few fun-filled hours at the world famous San Diego Zoo today with my favorite niece, Kimi. Took bunches of photos of her with various animals (even petting a few) and had a really awful lunch. We both strongly felt like we were going to see somebody famous there and we amazingly ended up …

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Zoo Day With Mary

Walked around and had lunch at the San Diego Zoo with Mary and her daughter Diana. Spent the first hour by myself listening to my iPod and taking pictures of all the two-week old and one three-day old flamingo chicks. ( p i c s )

Alone Time With The Animals

Spent a couple of hours at the San Diego Zoo, walking around by myself, listening to to my iPod and taking pictures. Very relaxing. I focused my shots on primates, especially their feet and hands. (pics to come)

Back To The Butterflies

Spent a few hours at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with the Holden family. Went to walk around in general, but to see the Butterfly Jungle exhibit in particular. Bought me a bright yellow SpongeBob t-shirt first. Butterflies loved it. (pics to come)

Tina And Jewel

Tina and Jewel, two Asian elephants that were rescued in Texas and temporarily brought to the San Diego Zoo, have since moved up the road to the L.A. Zoo. Here’s a really cute video of them playing in a waterfall at their new home.

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