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Final Zoo Visit For 2011

What was supposed to be an extended last visit to the San Diego Zoo for this year turned into a limited, shortened, crowd-dodging, iPodless and relatively unremarkable excursion. Although, I did pass some cool animals walking around on leashes (a leopard and a wolf) and it was a beautiful and sunny 7o degree day, and …

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Christmas Day At The Zoo With My Mom

Decided when I woke up this morning that for Christmas I would take my mom walking around the San Diego Zoo for a couple hours. It got her out of the house, out amongst others of her own kind, and we enjoyed some Christmas decorations while having hot drinks. We got our picture taken with …

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San Diego Zoo In One Hour

After dropping Brenda off at the airport I decided to make a quick trip to San Diego Zoo. Knew it would be a brief trip so I focused on getting some Christmas decorations and just some of the animals. Started with taking the Skyfari up to the back of the zoo and walked back toward …

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ZooKeeper Rick, Day Two

Second day for Rick Schwartz, the San Diego Zoo animal ambassador, to be on the Today Show.  Today he presented animals actually from our zoo, including Isa the fossa, a beautifully colored milk snake, Victor the echidna, and a crested porcupine named Ruva. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

ZooKeeper Rick On TV

Rick Schwartz, Animal Ambassador for the San Diego Zoo (and friend of mine) had a segment this morning on the Today Show. He spoke to Matt, Ann and Al about the conservation efforts zoos around the world are making together to help save endangered species. He presented four animals, an African Penguin, a Chinese Alligator, …

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Our Zoo In The 60s

I was recently given this flyer for the “World-Famed” San Diego Zoo that I’m guessing is from the early 1960s since there is no Coronado Bay Bridge, which began construction in 1967 and opened in 1969, on the location map on the back and that US 101 became I-5 in 1964. The photo of the …

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Zoo Day With Mami

Spent a few hours walking around the San Diego Zoo with my mom today. Got her out of the house to get some exercise. Perfect day for it with the warm weather and no crowds. Highlight of the visit was seeing two tiny capybara, one which was only two weeks old and the other which …

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Festival Of Flight Tweet-up

Even though it rained a bit, I had a great time at today’s San Diego Zoo tweet-up during their Festival of Flight celebration. We got to feed loud and finicky Flamingoes and were presented with a Speckled Owl (which we got to pet) and a very blue Macaw (which we were not allowed to get …

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Festival Of Flight

Took my mom to the San Diego Zoo this morning on the first day of it’s now annual Festival of Flight days. This year, along with the usual bird displays and presentations, the Zoo incorporated the military’s version of flight into it’s displays, including the Centennial of Naval Aviation and volunteers from the USS Midway. …

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Funani And Adhama Have Been Chosen

One of my personal favorite photos from the San Diego Zoo was chosen to be added to a photo website in England called SLR-Lens which has a blogpost showing what they consider to be the best wildlife photos of 2011. My photo is of Funani, a female River Hippo, next to her recently born son, Adhama, …

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Saw The Whole Zoo

Spent the entire day at the San Diego Zoo with my high school friend, Barbara. It was empty enough where we actually walked a good 90% of the park and saw almost all the animals. Two new exhibited animals I saw were a Maned Wolf and a Leopard. Half the guests there were from Green …

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Animal Ambassadors at the Zoo

Attended another tweet-up at the San Diego Zoo for a presentation by Zoo Ambassador Rick Schwartz of three of the zoo’s animal ambassadors. First up was Isa the fossa, followed by Phu (pronounced foo) Ket the binturong and finishing up with Rio the Amazon parrot. These tweet-ups are always very enjoyable and informative.

At The Zoo Again?

Spent a few hours at the San Diego Zoo with my friend, Mary, and her daughter, Diana. Before they got there I walked around by myself listening to my iPod and had fantastic luck taking pictures of the Malayan Tiger cubs as well as Adhama, the River Hippo calf. We had a really good lunch …

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Quick Zoo Trip

Since my mom and I, already being at Balboa Park, were right next door to the Zoo, I took her in to see the new Panda Trek entrance to the Giant Panda exhibit. After picking up an espresso for her and hot chocolate for me, we walked down through the Owens Aviary on our way …

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Back At The Zoo

After both the Plaza de Panama Project tour and the Veterans Museum, I walked over to spend about an hour at the San Diego Zoo. After taking pictures of stilt walkers, I sat down at the orangutans and siamangs, but started focusing more on the human couples that came through. I started wondering what was …

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