Return Trip To The World Of Sea

Once again I took my mom to SeaWorld for our weekly jaunt around the park. We started things off by getting our picture taken with the always-friendly, O.P. Otter, after which we ran into our old Terrific Tuesday friends, Shirley and Paul, whom we see pretty much every time we go. This was the first time we actually walked around the park with them, though. Normally they walk in the opposite direction than we do. (Maybe that’s a hint?) Anyway, we walked together up until we arrived at the Sea Stars where then they kept walking and my mom and I did our usual looking for the Sunflower Star, which we found. (Too difficult to shoot, though.) Plus, there at the Tide Pool, I was able to feed two types of krill (pacific and another kind) to some of the fish living in the pool. For a very brief moment I was a volunteer at SeaWorld. That’s going on my LinkedIn. That was followed by a trip to the bathroom to wash the stinky fish smell from my fingers. (Yes, Lisa? You had something you wanted to add?) We finished the visit with another character photo, this time with the more tourist-recognizable, Shamu.

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