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Tapias House Sitting Day Five

My final day at the Tapias, after their return from Colorado, began with an early morning flyover of a loud and very large, low-flying military aircraft, descending toward North Island Coronado through the bottom of the dripping rain clouds. Lunch was a plateful of Delimex rolled tacos that Sylvia added deliciously fresh home-made salsa to …

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From Heather’s To The Tapias

I walked the hills and dales, crosswalks and sidewalks (using the very same legs I was born with, just scaled up a bit and a tad more hairy) from Heather’s house, where I am house/animal-sitting, all the way over to Sylvia and Rodrigo’s home. Fortunately for me and my legs both families are located in the same …

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Chula Vistan Sunset

Beautiful rayed sunset over the Pacific Ocean as viewed from Chula Vista.

Two Very Different Sky Shots

Took only two photos today. Both of the sky. Couldn’t be any more opposite from each other. One man-made, the other 100% natural. One without color, the other aflame with hues. One moving west to east, the other in the opposite direction. One without any landscape, the other with hills. One at the brightest point …

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