Old Town Photos And Lunch

Made my way down to Old Town to walk around and take some photos before meeting up with my female friends Heather and her daughter, and Lannie and her kids. My photo spree began at the La Casa de Machado y Stewart Museum, built in 1835. It seemed to be especially fascinating to a group of visiting Japanese tourists. From there I met up with Heather and Lauren, neither of whom are particularly Asian, at the dual-masted flagpole in the main plaza. After some necessary awkward hugging, we casually meandered over to the blacksmith who was doing what he does best…talking to visitors. We took only a few shots and then headed over to see Old Town’s two resident donkeys, Donald and Daisy. We then met up with Lannie and her kids back at the flag pole again. Walking and talking,we explored photo ops inside the Fiesta de Reyes shopping area where Heather thoroughly got a kick out of a guy who was letting visitors sample his salty nuts.

We briefly made a sugar-fix stop at Cousin’s Candy Shop next to the main plaza on our way to check out the Adobe Chapel before meeting up with Bryan for our lunch at Café Coyote, where I thoroughly enjoyed the Baja Fresh Fish Tacos washed down with a relaxing bottle of Negra Modelo.

Our so-longs and good riddances came post lunch as we all went along our merry ways, which for me was in the direction of the nearest bathroom to relieve myself of my Negra Modelo rental.

This turned out to be another really good visit with friends to Old Town.

( o l d   t o w n   p i c s )

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