Gordon, Day Four

Got this lazy, morning shot of Gordon on my fourth day of house-sitting in Chula Vista. This is when he wasn’t sleeping on either my feet, hip, lap, chest or back. Life’s good for Gordon.


    • Heather on February 18, 2012 at 08:04
    • Reply

    My big ‘ol handsome boy does have the most perfect life! He loves laying on anyone that will sit down. Is that the blanket that kept you warm at night? How’d that work out for you?? We do have a bed!

    1. Yes, it was ONE of the blankets I used. Theo bogarted the pink one that I also tried to use. The bed looked inviting but maybe a bit too nice for the likes of me. Last time I did use the bed but Gordon and Theo were still able to crowd me into only a small corner of it.

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