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Back To The Land Of Disney

After dropping off some business phones in Anaheim for Lannie’s husband, she and I hopped over to Disneyland for a quick visit and lunch. I called our friend Michaelle who works there and asked if she could meet us. First Lannie and I checked out the newly opened Jolly Holiday Bakery at the end of …

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Dog’s Eye View

Really fun and creative dog’s eye view video of playing with other canines at a public dog park. Beautiful Day at the Dog Park from Kelsey Wynns on Vimeo.

Chuck Finale

Finally got around to watching the finale to “Chuck.” Having never missed an episode and since it was the series finale, I kept putting it off so in my mind it wouldn’t end. Now that I’ve watched it I think it was a good way to end the show. New beginnings. I am gonna miss …

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Score Four And One Hour Ago

For someone who hates politics, I sure seem to be active with the White House petition signing. Maybe it’s because the Internet is quickly and irreversibly moving our government back towards “We the People.” Funny how governments around the world want to stem that very tide (ACTA/SOPA/PIPA).

The Cast Of Jane

My mom and I spent some quality time with our neighbor Jane, who broke her ankle while waking her dog, Bella, on Christmas Day. She collects pig statues. Jane, not her dog. This should count for good karma points, right?

Viennese Nights: Round Three

Representing steerage class, I worked my third Viennese Nights: A Grand Ball at the Balboa Park Club, an annual event put on by  The San Diego Vintage Dance Society of which my sister Beata and her husband Bill are members. With the almost non-stop preparation of snack trays and drinks, the evening went by very quickly helped along …

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Post Christmas Take-Down

Helping Rodrigo take down the Christmas light tree that we made last December took much less time than it did to create it. The last vestiges of Christmas 2011 are now gone. For our efforts we were handsomely rewarded with an amazing home-made pasta and garlic bread dinner that Sylvia had made.

Less Hair On Me

Got another one of Sylvia’s patented “really good” haircuts. In almost thirty years I don’t think she’s ever given me a bad one, even when she was mad at me that one time in 1992. Great thing about knowing your barber so well is that you can spend the entire time talking behind the backs …

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Saw Lions, Tigers And Bears, Oh My

Had a really good Zoo excursion with my photo gal-pal, Heather. First, we got super lucky with finding all three Malayan Tigers (momma and two large cubs) all nestled in an alcove by a viewing window. (I’m hoping I got at least one good shot out of the forty that I took of them.) Also …

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Little Tombstone

Well here’s an interesting piece of French animation. I really like the gritty look of the film and the attention to sometimes bizarre details (e.g. the fly in the barrel). Overall I consider this really well done and a pretty cool find. LITTLE TOMBSTONE – ESMA 2011 from Little Tombstone on Vimeo.

Tub Plug

Man, does it suck when the bathtub drain gets clogged. (And yes, I know that I need a new shower caddy.)

Typical Fox News

Normally I don’t like talking about politics. When stating opinions you are either preaching to the choir or infuriating the opposition. Rarely do you ever change a person’s view. Each side knows that they are absolutely correct. This post is not exactly about politics, but here is a perfect example of why I can’t stand …

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The Fantastic Flying Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Absolutely wonderful animated short. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

Enhanced SOTU

Watched the President’s State of the Union address tonight. Without getting into any actual political opining, the most amazing thing for me was that I watched it streaming live on my computer, not on network TV, with the address being enhanced with support graphics. Much like watching a business presentation. And seeing Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords …

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Being Social At SeaWorld

Went for a regular Tuesday walk at SeaWorld with my mom today and ran into some of the old Terrific Tuesday elderly walking group. We stopped and chatted a while about the efforts my mom and I are making to bring back the group in some form. At the end of our day we also …

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