Rolled Tacos, Rain, A New Living Room and Pirates

So the second half of my day went like this: got picked up by my friends Sylvia, Lilo and Stitch and we drove to Colima’s (where we were blocked and cruelly tempted by a gigantic Entenmann’s truck) to exchange US currency for some always-great Mexican food which we quickly and efficiently devoured at her house with Rodrigo.  Ironically that same food was then modified into waste, so in effect we wasted our money. Mealtime was when the sky decided to open up and drench San Diego. We spent most of our post-lunch afternoon indoors rearranging their living room furniture into a much more open, comfortable and pleasing layout for hosting guests and watching TV. We tried it out by getting cozy and watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. The new layout worked great. By the end of the movie we were all comfortable and pleased. The day ended with yet another fantastic sunset over the Pacific.

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