Saw Lions, Tigers And Bears, Oh My

Had a really good Zoo excursion with my photo gal-pal, Heather. First, we got super lucky with finding all three Malayan Tigers (momma and two large cubs) all nestled in an alcove by a viewing window. (I’m hoping I got at least one good shot out of the forty that I took of them.) Also got some cute shots of Lily, the Red Panda, a drove of munching Visayan Warty Pigs (one standing inside its feeding bucket), a couple of thrusting, grunt-filled tortoises doing the nasty dance, a performing Trumpeter Hornbill and Red-tailed Cockatiel, a sleeping Rhinoceros and a curious Giraffe, all before sitting down to lunch, which today was surprisingly good stir fry chicken breast with rice and vegetables and was had at the Hua Mei Café which used to be known as the Canyon Café. I truly believe that was the longest sentence I have ever put to digital paper. After lunch I got some shots of a couple of Meerkats, two miniature goats at the Patting Zoo, a Fennec Fox and then finished off my visit with a bunch of poisonous snakes. Very full and pleasant trip all around. Yay for me.

( m e t a z o a n   p i c s )

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