New Cat-Sitting Gig

Another neighbor asked me to watch her two really pretty cats, Faith and Hope, while she’s away for a few days. Apparently I am slowly becoming the neighborhood animal-sitter. Must be my lower functioning brain.

This will be much easier than my other cat-sitting stints because it’s only two cats as opposed to eight and a dog. And there’s no insulin injection involved. Plus, I don’t have to spend the night there and the neighbor said that I only have to check on them every couple of days. I will check every day, just to be a good sitter.

Feeding will be much easier as well with them having access to dry food whenever they want instead of twice-a-day feedings of can and dry as with the other house.

And don’t get me started on the poop-scooping difference. Two cats vs. eight cats. Almost a relief and a joy.

Coincidentally, while writing this post I got a text from my multi-animal neighbor asking about my availability in late July. I literally finished watching their animals just two days ago. But at least they pay.

This new sitting gig gave me a chance to look around her house, in a non-snooping way…no opening drawers or cabinets, and see what kinds of stuff she’d collected over the years with her husband, Nick, who passed away almost three years ago from a sudden and aggressive illness. He was a good guy, Navy man, who must have had the loudest sneeze ever recorded. We could hear it from across the street, two houses away, inside our house and him inside his garage.

She even keeps out the Christmas village decorations year-round that she collected with him. She’s seeing another person but hasn’t removed anything that reminds her of her late husband. Must be pretty tough for the new guy.

One day down, only eight more to go.


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