June Meeting For Comic Fest 2013

Attended the latest Comic Fest 2013 planning meeting at the Town and Country Resort with department heads and various other volunteers such as myself, although at this meeting I was finally designated as the Fest’s official photographer, so I guess that kind of makes me head of the photo department.

Many topics were covered, some for much longer than they should have been, but the overall feel was definitely much more accomplished and organized than for the inaugural Comic Fest just last year.

I still wish I could get some more interest in cosplay for the event but budget concerns that I don’t understand keep it from being seriously addressed.

After the meeting one of the committee members came up to me and asked if I was seeing anyone because she noticed that I wasn’t wearing a ring. At first I thought she was coming on to me, which was made even more uncomfortable by the fact that her husband is in charge of programming for the Fest and he was sitting right next to her during the meeting. But apparently she plays match-maker as a side “profession” and wanted to set me up with a red-head she knows. While her track record is not bad (two of the now married couples belonging to the committee got introduced to each other by her) I thanked her for her interest in my well-being and politely told her I do not like being set up, especially by someone who really doesn’t know me very well at all.

Then she asked if it was because I was gay, to which I said “no” with as much butchness as I could muster. I told her that my life motto at this stage in life is “I belong to no one and I belong to everyone”. Suddenly it dawned on me that I could just as accurately be describing a pimpless hooker.

I may have to revisit my motto.


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