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A cool new service called Timeline Movie Maker created a short video of my Facebook Timeline, complete with cool edits, transitions and even a soundtrack. It’s very impressive technology but it’s a real shame that all you can do is share the video back on Facebook and not automatically be able to post it somewhere like YouTube or Vimeo where the service would get a lot more exposure. I was able to capture the video for my own personal use using special software.


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    • Heather on February 18, 2012 at 08:11
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    This is very cool. I’ve wanted to watch you video for awhile but my phone wouldn’t run it. It’s very good. Off to make one.

    1. It’s a pretty cool service but it’s unfortunate that you have to create and account and log in to watch anyone else’s video. To me that’s a huge incentive NOT to join. But I was curious. Not sure why your phone wouldn’t run it. Maybe because it runs using Flash.

    • Heather on February 18, 2012 at 08:20
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    What did you use to capture it? I just used my flip camera which isn’t ideal. They should have a way to save it.

    1. I agree, they should make it possible to save and then share. They would get so much more exposure. I used a desktop app called Snapz Pro X that lets me capture anything on my screen as either an image or a video. It’s the same way I was able to save the “Museum of Me” video on Facebook.

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