Not A Very Super Bowl

Watched the NY Giants defeat the New England Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI on a nice, large plasma TV at the Tapias’ house. Except for the last five minutes it was probably one of the most unexciting, even boring, Super Bowl games I had ever watched. Since the three of us are west coasters it was a darn good thing we were more interested in the commercials than the actual game. And as far as the halftime show, except for the costumes and pageantry, I thought Madonna’s halftime show started a bit week. It steadily got better and ended well. Got to give her credit to still be able to perform like that. Most of the much-aniticipated commercials I thought fell a bit flat. Judging by all the beer commercials it still amazes me how there’s an unfortunate can’t-have-a-good-time-without-alcohol mentality in this country. Pretty sad. Nothing against alcohol, drink it myself on occasion, but I don’t need it to have fun. Some of the commercials were very good, e.g. Honda’s Ferris Bueller take-off, Audi’s exploding vampires and MetLife’s assembly of cartoon characters. All in all, it was a good time just hanging out with four of my closest friends.

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