Natural History Museum In One Hour

After leaving the Zoo I thought it would be fun to make a quick visit to the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, next door to the Zoo. Walking first through Spanish Village, I stopped at The Village Grill for a spot of lunch. Had my regular tuna melt combo with chips and a drink. Considering it looks to be kind of a dive, their tuna melt is actually very good. And $8 for a combo is not a bad deal, especially in a tourist location. After feeding myself and a flock of starving swallows I began my limited visit at the museum. I basically went in, talked to a cute girl who works there, sat and watched  “Ocean Oasis: Two Worlds, One Paradise” in their theater, talked on the phone for a little while and then left. The movie was very good, if a seeming a little long. Will have to go back to see two other movies, both in 3D. Good thing I have a pass there too.

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