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Family Christmas, Belated Style

My younger brother and his family came out for a New Year’s visit, which is when we decided to hold our annual family Christmas get-together and dinner. No photos of the actual dinner exist because it was a bit of a haphazard, some eat now, some eat later deal, but at least we got everybody …

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Holidays Rule

Using an coupon code for a $1.99 Christmas album I purchased “Holidays Rule” with songs performed by a wide variety of artists. Not bad for less than $2 and yay for adding new Christmas music to my collection.

Post Christmas Take-Down

Helping Rodrigo take down the Christmas light tree that we made last December took much less time than it did to create it. The last vestiges of Christmas 2011 are now gone. For our efforts we were handsomely rewarded with an amazing home-made pasta and garlic bread dinner that Sylvia had made.

Christmas Dinner At Last!

Finally had our Christmas dinner with all the local family members together in one place. We had meat for protein, potatoes for starch, rice for carbs, salad for iron and beans for gas. After a delightful rendition of “Oh Holy Night” in eight part butt harmony, we all sat down for a game of “Apples …

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Calendars Added To The Fold

Thanks to a generous Christmas gift card for from my brother I ordered SIX MORE CALENDARS! Only two more to go and my training will be complete. Can I get a monthly hallelujah from the yearly congregation?

Gaming At Billata’s

My mom, Kimi my niece and I drove over to my sister Beata’s house this afternoon for an hour of fun and frolic, post-Christmas style, with her, Bill and Aidan. We snacked on assorted nuts and orange slices while playing “Apples to Apples” with no real interest in who would win, but more as to …

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Christmas for Kimi

My niece, Kimi, came over today for a much belated Christmas lunch/present opening. The midday meal d’jour was spaghetti with garlic bread. Doesn’t that just scream Christmas? This past holiday season has probably been the most disjointed one that I have ever “celebrated.” And it’s not over yet. Tomorrow will be one more lunch with my nephew. …

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Belated Mini Christmas

Had a sort of belated mini Christmas this evening with my mom and my sister, who brought over Taco Bell for dinner, which made my mom really happy. It’s her favorite Mexican restaurant. After dinner we sat down and opened a few presents. I received a few calendars which almost immediately found places in my …

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Christmas Dinner With 5/9 Of The Family

My sister along with my older brother and niece (who brought their three black cats) came over this evening for a much improved Christmas dinner over what didn’t happen yesterday. After a dinner of tasty túrós csusza that my mom made we watched a DVD of when my niece and nephew were really young. While …

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Christmas Day At The Zoo With My Mom

Decided when I woke up this morning that for Christmas I would take my mom walking around the San Diego Zoo for a couple hours. It got her out of the house, out amongst others of her own kind, and we enjoyed some Christmas decorations while having hot drinks. We got our picture taken with …

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Christmas Eve Disappointment

While I am grateful that I still have my immediate family around, I have to say that tonight’s Christmas Eve dinner was one of the most disappointing, dare I say suckiest, I can ever remember. For different reasons various family members had other obligations/plans where only my mom, older brother and myself were left to …

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Santa’s Village Revisited

In the spirit of the season, I scanned a bunch of slides today from our family visit to Santa’s Village back in 1963 and posted them on a Facebook page devoted to its history. I can see myself obviously having a ton of fun at such an exciting and memorable place for a young child. …

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Christmas Circle

Went on my annual drive-thru passed the decorated houses of Christmas Circle in Chula Vista last night with the my friends Sylvia, Rodrigo and their dogs, Lilo and Stitch. While it may have been slightly less festive than previous years (due, I’m sure, to the economy), it was still very enjoyable to see. Even added …

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Sugar Plum Fairy On Glass Harp

This simply amazed me. Love this kind of talent and ingenuity.

Tapias’ Christmas Cookies

Received my annual allotment of home-made Christmas cookies from the Tapias. Each year they outdo themselves with quality, style and creativity and this year they didn’t disappoint. Their cookies are far better than most bakeries. I almost feel bad for eating them. Almost.